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The Pelican Gown

Photo: Jonathan Levy

These are pics of my reproduction of the Pelican Gown, worn by Queen Elizabeth I, in a portrait painted by Nicholas Hilliard.  The original gown is red, but I chose to make mine black.  Other than that, it's a pretty faithful reproduction.  The sleeves, partlet, and ruffs were lent to my by my best friend, Deb Fox.  She embroidered/made them.  I created the rest of the dress and underpinnings which include a chemise, corset, hip pad, petticoat, forepart, overskirt, and bodice.  Over 5000 glass pearls were sewn onto the dress. 

Pattern or design used: My own design

Comments (5)

travelchik travelchik writes: This is awesome!! You did great!
Posted: 11:07 pm on August 4th

Spinnerlady Spinnerlady writes: Thank you all...the dress took about 3 months/120 hours. I'm very proud of's my best work to date.

Posted: 11:36 am on April 23rd

arianabauer arianabauer writes: I am blown away, so stunning and perfect. What an amazing project with true devotion to the craft of sewing..
Posted: 9:12 pm on April 13th

JoLaFleur JoLaFleur writes: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. how long did it take you to make????
Posted: 8:40 pm on March 22nd

HappyGenny HappyGenny writes: I'm completely and utterly in awe! You deserve a medal, My Dear. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous, inspiring and astonishing creation!
Posted: 12:44 am on February 23rd

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