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Book Giveaway: A Collection of Sewing Books for Kids

We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley
Wee Wonderfuls - 24 Dolls to Sew and Love by Hillary Lang
Sewing Modkid Style by Patty Young
We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley

We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley

magazine is giving away THREE great books! You could win We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley (C&T Publishing, 2013), Wee Wonderfuls - 24 Dolls to Sew and Love by Hillary Lang (ABRAMS, 2010), and Sewing Modkid Style by Patty Young (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012)!

This terrific book will show any young aspiring sewer how to create personally designed items ranging from jewelry, bags, clothes, items to decorate his/her bedroom, and more. Inside are easy, photographed step-by-step instructions along with 28 unique patterns! No sewing experience is required!

You can create and design these super cute dolls, toys, and animals. With vibrant photos and 24 illustrated pattern instructions, the possibilities are endless! This book includes a range of toys from a topsy-turvy doll to a button-joint teddy bear!

Inside this book are 20 cool, fashionable patterns that girls would definitely love! This book offers patterns for all types of styles from athletic to casual to dressy.

How would you use these books if you won them? Answer this question in the comment section below, and you will be entered for a chance to win! The deadline for your comments is Friday, May 3, and the winner will be chosen during the week of May 6. The winner will also be notified with an email. Good luck!


Comments (13)

user-282579 user-282579 writes: I would like to see these books in our town library. We are a small community, less than 3,000. The children have a good library offering, but nothing on sewing. I would volunteer my time and experience to teach there if the books stimulated interest. Most folks know that I sew what I wear. Jane
Posted: 10:12 am on September 18th

Ocrafty1 Ocrafty1 writes: I have worked with kids since I was a Jr. Leader in 4-H more than 40 yrs. ago. I would like to start doing sewing workshops for kids in our area; ideally at our local vocational college. There are only a handful of kids who participare in our 4-H program.

I'm concerned that our favorite craft will be lost for the next generation. I taught my daughters to sew, but they would rather have Mom do it. They no longer teach sewing at our local schools.

I got my elementary when I turned 50 but cannot spend a whole day in the classroom, due to medical issues. I would use these books as inspiration for lesson plans. Being able to teach kids to sew things they' d use would be pure joy.
Posted: 8:17 am on June 26th

user-2578315 user-2578315 writes: My 9-year old granddaughter has indicated that she wants to learn to sew and has invited herself to stay with me for a week to learn. These books would be a wonderful addition to my instructions, and something she could use for years to come!
Posted: 7:50 pm on June 5th

Elle_F_Studio Elle_F_Studio writes: 2 granddaughters so far & I so look forward to sharing my love of sewing with them.
Posted: 10:52 pm on May 22nd

msgerritz msgerritz writes: I have seven granddaughters ranging from ages 7-18 and I could really use these books to teach them to sew!
Posted: 5:50 pm on May 21st

Andysmom Andysmom writes: I love sewing for children. Now that my son is grown I have started sewing for the three little neighbor children who are all under six. One little tee and shorts I made for the middle boy is so loved he sleeps, eats, plays and goes to preschool in the same set. His mother says he stands and watches until it is done washing and drying so he can put it back on. What better recommendation can I get! Please enter me into the contest.
Posted: 10:28 am on May 2nd

mkbarnett mkbarnett writes: I would love to spend time teaching my friends' kids how to sew... then they can be like their favorite Aunt, Me!! haha!
Posted: 10:48 pm on May 1st

atabanana29 atabanana29 writes: I would teach my three girls to sew! They would be so proud of themselves!
Posted: 11:21 pm on April 28th

RCompton57 RCompton57 writes: Our granddaughter recently received a sewing machine as a gift, but hasn't used it. I think she and I could have a lot of fun using these books to master the skill and art of sewing!
Posted: 8:49 pm on April 28th

jrdesigns jrdesigns writes: I have a drapery workroom and I'm very conscious of the lack of education for kids on sewing and being creative. I would use the books to offer a sewing and craft club to local after school care.
Posted: 2:56 pm on April 28th

HdWink HdWink writes: I love the outfits in the ModKid book, so I would make tons of stuff for my daughter, but I would also use it to introduce her to sewing. She would love the jewelry/ purses and dolls from the other 2 books. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 1:38 pm on April 28th

Susie__E Susie__E writes: I work as an advocate at a domestic and sexual violence services organization. The women and children we see are often traumatized when they come to see us. It is a wonderful thing to see how small acts of kindness can lessen the effects of the abuse. I would use up some of the tons of fabric I have and make things to brighten their day and to let them know that there are people in the world who want them to succeed. And I have two new grandbabies and another on the way to sew for!
Posted: 12:40 pm on April 27th

riotkop riotkop writes: I would use them to teach my own kids to sew and also offer to work on projects from this book with interested kids at my church.
Posted: 5:55 pm on April 26th

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