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Fitting Tips with Professor King

Fitting Tips with Professor King is a 13-part video series that will teach you valuable techniques and skills to help you sew better fitting garments. Threads contributing editor and sewing expert Kenneth D. King covers test garments, creating symmetry on asymmetrical body types, tips on fitting arms and skirts, how to pivot darts, reducing cap ease, and much more.

Follow along as Kenneth walks you through these lessons excerpted from his 3-DVD workshop Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King. In this DVD box set, Kenneth demonstrates his breakthrough approach to fitting. You won't want to miss it!

These mini-lessons will be available for a limted time only. Hurry and watch now!


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Episodes in this Series

Meet Kenneth D. King

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect to find in the three-part DVD workshop, Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King.

Professor King on Test Garments

Kenneth D. King offers a quick lesson on test garments.

Professor King on Taking Measurements

Learn the difference between front and back measurements with this tip.

Professor King on Asymmetry

Learn how to create the illusion of symmetry with this tip.

Professor King on Bias Stretch

Learn about bias stretch with this lesson from Kenneth D. King.

Professor King on the Grid

Professor D. King explains how to expand or reduce patterns using the grid.

Professor King on Drawing a Curved Line from a Straight Edge

Professor D. King gives a lesson on drawing a cuved line using a straight edge.

Professor King on Mobility and Appearance

Learn how to balance mobility and appearance in the fit of a sleeve.

Professor King on Fitting a Skirt

Learn wearing ease and design ease measurements for a fitted skirt.

Professor King on the Back

Learn this shoulder shaping tip with Professor D. King.

Professor King on Pivoting Darts

This tip explains how to pivot a dart on garments.

Professor King on Fitting the Arm

Professor King explains how much mobility to give when fitting the arm on a jacket.

Professor King on Walking a Seam

Get accurate measurements using a tape measure with this tip from Professor D. King.

Professor King on Reducing the Cap Ease

Professor D. King gives a quick lessson on raising the underarm of a sleeve to reduce the cap ease.