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Armhole and Sleeve-Cap Seam Worksheet

Photo: Bonnie Hofkin

In "The Sleeve-Cap Seam and the Armscye" from Threads #167, author Jeffery Diduch explores the relationship between the sleeve and the armhole and shows you how to troubleshoot and correct patterns. Before you get started, print out this handy worksheet to record armscye and sleeve-cap dimensions.

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Comments (3)

user-1068621 user-1068621 writes: Fitting sleeves can be a challenge, so this article is welcome. I do have a question though on where exactly the end points for the segments are in the sleeve/armhole. Some like shoulder point and underarm notches are clear, but not all patterns have the dots in the upper arm and there are additional points which I have not seen in patterns. And what about patterns that are one piece? The location of these points is essential to use his technique. Can more information be provided please?
Posted: 10:54 am on May 30th

KathyKnits1 KathyKnits1 writes: I'm so excited. This is exactly the pattern I am currently trying to fit for myself - 2 piece sleeves and all. Off to the store to buy some large paper to copy the pattern out and then proceed to fit the sleeves. I am determined to have a basic pattern that I can make again and again and to have a well fitted shirt or jacket! Thanks.

Posted: 2:36 pm on May 19th

rksue rksue writes: Thank you for this, I have printed the page out, and inserted it into my pattern drafting and fitting books.Anything to help me get the dreaded sleeve to sit comfortably and well,..... first time around.
Posted: 3:55 pm on May 9th

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