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Video: How to Sew a Blind Hem

Video Length: 2:53
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez and Judith Neukam

In Threads #167 (June/July 2013), Threads seamstress Norma Bucko shows you three ways to sew a blind hem. In this quick video-tutorial, we bring two of her methods to life and demonstrate how to sew a blind hem on a standard sewing machine and a dedicated blind-hem machine. This hem is supported by stitching that is not visible on the garment's right side. Although it takes a little more preparation than a topstitch hem, it is easier to sew.

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Comments (11)

user-1125658 user-1125658 writes:
For LEXLEY in Australia~ I'd be HAPPY to send 'hem tape' to you from the USA if we can figure out how to contact each other

Posted: 12:28 pm on May 12th

miranda10 miranda10 writes: Find out what things you need to consider when you are shopping for the best laptop hard drive for your computer
Posted: 2:19 pm on May 11th

SaunWhee SaunWhee writes: Thanks for the great tips. I've had that mini rex machine since the 80s and never realized it had a hem guage on it, I alway eyeballed the hem when using it??? I like even more now!
Posted: 9:05 pm on May 2nd

user-1150861 user-1150861 writes: Hi Savannagal. I too like the helpful video clips and wish that they were on YouTube. In the meanwhile you can make a Pinterest account if you don't already have one, and use the "pin it" button below the video to save the clip to your pinterest page. Pinterest is like an online bulletin board. I "pin" most of my sewing tips from different websites there and organize them on my page so that I can reference them when needed. Good luck to you.
Posted: 11:52 am on May 2nd

KarenQuiltsTexas KarenQuiltsTexas writes: Great video. I usually skip the hem tape, and with most fabrics, do a quick 4 thread serge on the raw edge to eliminate fraying, then run a blind hem!

Posted: 7:33 pm on May 1st

savannagal savannagal writes: Great video, and I've looked at a lot to try and figure this out. This video shows exactly what I need. My purchased pants have the seam binding on them, so this literally shows exactly what I needed to know. The only small wish I have is that your videos were posted to YouTube, so I could subscribe to them or save them in my account for future reference. It's impossible to remember all the places where I run into really helpful videos. If they were posted to YouTube it would be so simple to find them again when I need them. Thanks much.
Posted: 9:26 am on May 1st

normasews normasews writes: Hi Lexley. You can use hem lace, although it is not as sturdy. What I used in the video is also called seam binding. In the US, it is usually hard to find in sewing stores. I get mine at Search for seam binding, and you will find it in many colors, but there, you have to purchase it in 100 yard rolls, which is about 91 meters.
Posted: 8:46 am on May 1st

Lexley Lexley writes: Can someone please tell me where I can find hem tape in Australia or online? I have never seen this before.......thanks
Posted: 4:01 am on May 1st

Sewsumuk Sewsumuk writes: Great video, well explained and easy to follow. The follow on clip showing the industrial machine was interesting too.
Posted: 3:47 am on May 1st

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: I camp out in the Internet to be one of the first to see these videos!

Excellent presentation of the mechanics of this stitch.
Posted: 6:19 pm on April 30th

EGJ EGJ writes: This is a great video. I would love to see the same info for a curved hem though.
Posted: 4:55 pm on April 30th

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