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Not a $5,000 blouse

Seeing a Bottega Veneta blouse for $5,000 in Sunday's Wall Street Journal ,was my inspiration for this seaglass linen blouse. Using a modified version of Sewing Workshop's Zen shirt , I randomly embellished the bodice with shell buttons which are anchored with crystal beads, also embellished the placket front with irredescent and silver beading.All hems are finished with double needle entre deux and embroidery thread. While not the antique embroidered silk, nor the unusual "bubbled" paillettes used by BV, it came in well under the designer's price point. Great summer resort top over linen trousers.

Pattern or design used: Not specified

Comments (3)

hvnlyhost hvnlyhost writes: beautiful

Posted: 5:15 pm on September 27th

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Love it.
Posted: 9:31 am on July 24th

Mignsews Mignsews writes: That's just gorgeous! I much prefer it to the inspiration design! Beautiful work and craftsmanship, too.
Posted: 10:47 am on June 30th

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