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How to Reposition the Waist Seam on a Wrap Dress

Pattern: Butterick 5898
Fabric: Silk jersey knit,

Pattern: Butterick 5898

Fabric: Silk jersey knit,

Photo: Jack Deutsch

In Threads #168 (August/September 2013), author Christine Jonson explored various wrap dress styles in the article "Perfect the Wrap Dress." Specifically, she walked you through some of the steps needed to create a great-fitting and flattering dress. In this Web extra, Christine shares a quick tip on how to reposition the waist seam on a wrap dress.

On a well-fitting wrap dress, the waistline and ties sit at the narrowest part of your waist, without bunching in the bodice fabric. To ensure a dress's waistline corresponds with your waist, carefully measure from your neckline to waistline at center front and center back and compare it to the front and back bodice patterns. Shorten or lengthen the pattern as necessary.

For a woven fabric, make sure the waistline positioning enables you to easily raise and lower your arms when the dress is secured. If you've chosen a high-stretch knit fabric, you may need to raise the bodice waistline by 1 inch to accommodate for the fabric's weight and stretch, which will pull the waistline to the correct spot.

Do you own any wrap dresses, or are you planning to make one? If you often wear wrap dresses, what are some of the design or construction elements that draw you to this iconic design?

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