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Customize Shoulder Pads with Lining Fabric Covers

Photo: Dana Finkle

The latest issue of SewStylish magazine, the Fall 2013 edition, has a great story by sewing expert and pattern designer Sandra Betzina.

In the aptly titled article "Line Only the Sleeves," Sandra explains how easy and smart it is to line just the sleeves of a jacket. 

When only the sleeves are lined, you can't exactly hide a shoulder pad between the lining and the shell fabric, as you typically would. But, you can cover the shoulder pad with the sleeve lining fabric to keep it neatly tucked away.

Covering the shoulder pads is also a nice touch inside any unlined garment where a white or foam shoulder pad is going to look awkward. It doesn't take much time, effort, or fabric, either. 

How to cover a shoulder pad with lining fabric

1. Begin by choosing a shoulder pad that is the right size and thickness for your jacket. Then, cut a 12-inch-square piece of lining fabric for each shoulder pad.



2. Fold the lining around the pad diagonally by wrapping the thick end with the fabric and bringing the corners together over the thin end.


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