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Project Runway Season 12, Episode 7: "Shoes First!"

Helen Castillos winning design.
Miranda Levys losing design.
Jeremy Brandrick has to make it work for the seventh challenge 
Helen Castillos winning design.

Helen Castillo's winning design.


Time for shoe puns!

The designers had to "step it up" this week.

Some "sole searching" was in order for the remaining challengers.

One designer had a look that was a "shoe-in" to win, while another designer was "booted."

And finally, instead of a recap, consider this a "retread":

On the latest Project Runway episode, the designers travelled to the Marie Claire magazine offices. There, they met editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider and Tim Gunn in the magazine's vast shoe closet. The designers had to come up with looks inspired by the shoes, and each selected a pair from the closet after correctly answering a fashion quiz question.

(Example question: Christian Louboutin based his famous red soles on an employee's what?

Answer: Nail polish.)

Miranda was the last to select her shoes - she was unable to answer a single question correctly. She voiced a wish that the questions had been about "wallpaper or photography." Wallpaper??

CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco was the guest judge, along with Anne Fulenwider.

The winner

Helen Castillo wowed the judges with a minimalist cape and dress. The fit and cut looked impeccable. Helen's shoes were black booties with studded toes.

Helen Castillo's design


The loser

Miranda Levy created a short white jacket, sleeveless white blouse with polka dots, and high-waisted, pegged plaid pants to go with her red patent smoking slippers. Oddly, the model was styled to look sort of like the late singer Amy Winehouse.

Miranda Levy's design

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Comments (3)

Soli Soli writes: I'm going to disagree with the two previous posts. I did like the winning LBD. It was cut and sewn impeccably. The fit was absolutely perfect and there didn't appear to be any pulls or puckers, even in HD. The dress itself could be worn for almost anything but the most formal occasion. The cape was a little Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford meets Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, but it was still quite striking. I could see an whole range of different types of women wearing it, styling it differently. Helen's minimalista styling was indeed pretty cool. I had more of a "what were they thinking" reaction to Ken's ensemble. First of all, the bodice was too long for the model. There was excess fabric above the waist seam where the fabric puffed out a little. I was also surprised they didn't call him out on the atrocious hem of the skirt, which looked like it was only folded over a quarter inch and attached with a straight stitch. That does not read expensive but cheap, cheap, cheap. Also reading cheap was the fact that the proportions of the skirt were indeed too short. I also didn't care much for Alexander's top; it looked like a muslin rather than a finished garment to me. I thought Kate's split trousers were cool and showed off the split sole shoes in a really unique way, but the blouse was not that great.
Posted: 10:16 pm on September 6th

user-1142078 user-1142078 writes: I agree - there was nothing special about the winning outfit.
Posted: 10:02 pm on September 5th

Cherlyn Cherlyn writes: I did not like the winning design. It looked like funeral attire revamped from the victorian era. At this point, I don't know who I really like. I think Kate is a strong contestant. I also think Karen is strong.
Posted: 7:01 pm on September 5th

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