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Video: How to Sew an Embellished Pencil Skirt

Video Length: 5:22
Produced by: It's Sew Easy, ksproductionstv

In episode 502 of the sewing television show It's Sew Easy, Threads Editor Sarah McFarland demonstrates how to create the beautiful embellished skirt seen in "Trim Treatment" from SewStylish Spring 2013. For this easy-to-make project, striped fabric was used because it acts as a guide for trim placement. Watch as she shows you how to adapt a basic straight skirt pattern to remove the side seams, sew on the trim, and how to add a stylish exposed zipper. As a bonus, you can download a printable copy of the article "Trim Treatment" and refer to it as you follow along.

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Comments (12)

user-2972122 user-2972122 writes: Thank you deerskin for pointing out that sewing all that trim on tightens up the fit. I once knew that but had forgotten. I look forward to making this skirt. I thunk I would find a white strip on white with white trim. Don't care for contrast but I think the skirt would be pretty in one color. Navy blue would remind me of a Lilly Pulitzer design.
Posted: 6:47 pm on October 26th

rsbs rsbs writes: I am a subscriber and I am unable to download the app for threads magazine, Please help.
Posted: 3:40 pm on October 25th

elnisi elnisi writes: I sew for my grand daughter alot using trims and embellishments, some she picks out. I know to keep things from shrinking after sewing. I wash the lot before I cut. the trims can go into a net bag. I even have used several, one for each trim. I also toss in the zippers. they don't shrink the same but they can.
on ebay I have seen some zippers with lace as the tapes. they are made to go on the outside of the project, they have assorted colors and run from 7-12 I think. they talk about them being more for bags but why not this skirt?
on the video,the skirt has the seam allowance on the outside, why not sew the zipper on the inside using the seam allowance on the outside as part of the embellishment? you could still sew close to the teeth and the edge of the tapes.

the local 'thing' here is zippers on the outside as embellishment, cut and twisted into earrings, used as piping just the teeth show,think outside the box, break the rules.
combine separating zippers of different lengths,together, and different colors for an interesting effect.

Posted: 7:57 am on October 16th

RStaff49 RStaff49 writes: I, too appreciated the concept of merging the pattern pieces into one for matching stripes and plaids. I never will learn to appreciate external zippers or seams. Thanks to the others for their comments as, well.
Posted: 3:43 am on October 16th

Muppet Muppet writes: Yuk!!!
Posted: 11:45 pm on October 15th

NoraBora NoraBora writes: The outfit is tacky. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 15.
Posted: 11:16 pm on October 15th

user-1136428 user-1136428 writes: The exposed zipper on this skirt looks so amateurish, not stylish at all. The trims on the adjusted pattern are a nice touch, but I would put the zipper inside where it belongs.
Posted: 9:01 pm on October 15th

lindacarlson lindacarlson writes: I appreciate the example of pattern pieces being merged for a single piece. Especially valuable for matching a plaid. BUT I can't imagine that many horizontal rows of trim (even if I am HWP) and I don't think I'll ever get used to exposed zippers.
Posted: 7:42 pm on October 15th

SueatMagnolia SueatMagnolia writes: This is a great idea. Sarah wasn't clear about when she sewed her darts. Thanks 'deerskin' for your thoughts on that. In the video, it looked like Sarah sewed darts before the trim was applied. The fabric would be curved over that area, so care would need to be taken to ensure that trim placement was even.
Posted: 7:32 pm on October 15th

deerskin deerskin writes: The directions are nice and clear.

Often sewing trim or other embellishment on fabric will "shrink" it. So a finished skirt, constructed as in the video may be too small. To avoid this do the embellishing first. Marking out an area a couple inches larger than your pattern on the fabric. Embellish the flat fabric in the area you've marked. Mark your garment pattern on the embellished fabric, cut out and sew up the garment. The area where the darts are could be done two different ways. As in the video where the trim sewn over the darted area once the darts are sewn like the skirt. Or the trim is sewn on while the fabric is flat. Then the darts are sewn and trimmed away to get rid of bulk.

In any case, the finished skirt looks very nice.
Posted: 7:24 pm on October 15th

robynmcintyre robynmcintyre writes: Really enjoyed this video and look forward to giving this a try. I'd never thought to merge pattern pieces before and find the idea exciting.
Posted: 4:40 pm on October 15th

russellgibson russellgibson writes: Very nice.
Posted: 4:37 pm on October 15th

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