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10 Good Sewing Tips and Tricks

Your Advice for Better Sewing

Here are ten tips and tricks for every sewing enthusiast directly from the sewing community.

1. A Guide for Hand Stitching
When I want to sew evenly spaced hand stitches, I machine-baste a line of stitches and use it as a guide. I set the stitch length the same as the hand stitch I plan to use. I pull the machine stitches a few at a time just before handsewing and follow the holes left behind. Or, I leave the stitches in place until I finish my handwork. The machine stitches work as a guide for different hand stitches, such as a blanket stitch, topstitch, or herringbone stitch. With this method, I always get perfectly spaced hand stitching.
Janice Engle, Aurora, Illinois

2. Easy Tailor's Tacks
I use an alternative version of tailor's tacks that holds the threads in place more securely than traditional methods. After cutting each pattern piece, I use contrasting, unknotted, doubled thread in my hand needle and take a stitch through the pattern tissue and both layers of fabric. From the wrong side, I come back through the fabric and pattern and cut long thread tails. Next, I lift the pattern off the fabric, letting the tails slip through. Then I turn the fabric over. With a different color thread, I take a second stitch over each of the first in the same fashion from the wrong side, again leaving long tails. Pull the two fabric layers apart, and one set stays stitched to the top fabric layer, and the other set stays stitched to the bottom layer. The threads mark clear positions for my sewing that I can see from both sides.
Laurie Wilcox, Palm Desert, California

3. Two Safety Pins Are Better Than One
When I pull elastic or cording through a casing, I use a safety pin to help guide it. If I'm too aggressive, however, the elastic or cord end at the starting point can get away from me and sneak into the casing. It is so difficult to "weave" backward that I usually have to start over. Now, I use a second safety pin to secure the elastic or cord tail to the casing. It holds securely, and I don't ever have to worry about it accidentally sliding into the casing.
Betty Bolden, Bolton, Connecticut

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cdc2121 cdc2121 writes: This has got to be the best website ever!!! for so so much info on all kinds of techniques for sewing. I wished I had signed up a lot sooner. What can I say I'm hooked and I will tell all my sewing friends about this great website !!!!!!!!
Posted: 10:53 pm on February 5th

user-1105444 user-1105444 writes: These are all good points for an old lady. I especially liked #1 as My arthritic fingers don't work as neatly as they once did. A Threads Fan
Posted: 11:07 am on February 1st

EvamarieGomez EvamarieGomez writes: @Steffabrication and @Becci: Glad you both enjoyed the tips!

Evamarie Gomez
Web Prodducer
Posted: 10:27 am on January 29th

Becci Becci writes: 7. & and 9. are my favorites that I will definitely use! I'd love to learn more about altering used clothing like in 5.
Posted: 10:13 am on January 29th

Steffabrication Steffabrication writes: Thank you for these as there are always new ways of looking at doing things, love especially Nos 7 and 8, thanks again ladies
Posted: 10:12 am on January 29th

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