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Video: How to Drape a Skirt

Video Length: 8:28
Produced by: It's Sew Easy, ksproductionstv

In episode 609 of the sewing television show It's Sew Easy, Threads Associate Editor Stephani Miller walks you through the basic principles of draping. Excerpted from "Learn to Drape Skirts" from SewStylish Fall 2013, Stephani shows you how to drape a basic straight skirt with a hip yoke. 

Before you begin draping, arm yourself with several yards of muslin or inexpensive fabric, fabric markers, twill tape, tape measure, pins, and scissors. Watch as she shows you how to use the same principles to create fuller skirts with handkerchief or curved hems. Be sure to download a printable copy of the article and refer to it as you follow along.

Don't miss other fabulous techniques like this one by ordering the Fall 2013 issue of SewStylish or by purchasing the tablet edition today.

Comments (7)

psfws1963 psfws1963 writes: psfws9163 writes: I also liked the cow neck top video. that I saw in the video section under I think it was how to make a cow neck top.
Posted: 1:43 pm on December 26th

psfws1963 psfws1963 writes: I just want to say great video on skirt draping. I like the way she penned the twill tape on the dress dummy. the waist had tape around it, then the hips on each side, then she put twill tape on down the center front. then she draped her muslin, and made her lines for her waist, then for were her hipline she drew a line down 4". Well anyway I like this method. it mite be something I'd like to try. psfws1963
Posted: 1:37 pm on December 26th

Lady2k7 Lady2k7 writes: the draping video I think was done very nicely. I have always wanred to learn to drape more advanced clothing. Rhe shirt is a start. Thanks
Posted: 6:32 pm on November 8th

user-1083665 user-1083665 writes: Don't you ladies have anything better to do than pick something apart?! Shame on you! She was showing us the concept. Besides, if you think you can do better, where's your video?!!!!!
Personally I found it fascinating!
Posted: 12:24 pm on November 7th

AtelierDesigns AtelierDesigns writes: Agree with the previous comments. The seam line is shown as a solid line and then as a dotted line. A beginner would be confused and draw the seam line inside the cutting line. The yolk depth and skirt length should be measured with a ruler, not eyeballed. Seam lines should be drawn with a straight edge or french curve, not freehand. I was taught to rip the selvage edges off the muslin. The selvages tend to pull and alter the grain. Please show beginners the correct way.
Posted: 7:47 am on November 7th

user-1117744 user-1117744 writes: I agree with the comments - where is the ease? Also, a beginner would draw the seam allowance INSIDE the continuous line, not outside if looking at the video. No explanation is given that the line has been changed to a broken one on another piece of material in the finishing touches. I was also horrified that no measuring was shown to get the yoke 4" all round, nor was any done to ensure the hem is the same length. Perhaps that explains the dreadful up and down hem on the centre dress form. Very disappointing and misleading.
Posted: 5:22 pm on November 6th

DonnaFashMerch DonnaFashMerch writes: This is an adequate instruction for someone who wants to play with draping. As someone who teaches draping I am concerned with a few of your methods:

1. Where is the wearing ease at the waist and hip? Your method only works if you will be standing still and not sitting.(or using a knit.) Otherwise the skirt will ride up your waist to accomodate the body spread.
2. Center front lines should be anchored with two pins going in opposite directions at each point so you avoid shifting of the fabric when draping.
3. How about a "balance line" at the hip so you can make sure you are perpendicular to the center front? That will ensure your grain line
4. "Truing" a skirt is always done with a ruler, you can't trust a straight line with your eyes only. If not, there's too much room for seams looking crooked.
Posted: 7:12 pm on November 5th

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