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Princess Bride Red Dress


I needed a fairy tale themed costume for a group dress up, so I decided to go at the last minute as Princess Buttercup from the movie The Princess Bride. I had only 2 days to make the costume and limited resources so I had to get creative. I purchased a red twin sheet which proved to have more than enough fabric and came with the bottom already nicely hemmed! I created a pattern for the sleeves by researching bishop sleeves to develop an understanding of the basic shape, then drafted myself a pattern. I created the bodice pattern by tracing a simple shift dress that was too large for me, and then gathering the bottom edge to make it my size and fit nicely into the empire waist band. For the skirt I simply gathered the remaining length of sheet into pleats and attached it to the bodice. A side zipper made it possible to get the dress on. To make a belt, I cut the edges off some gold brocade curtains and stitched them to the dress. My costume was a huge success and everyone was amazed at how quickly it had all came together.

Pattern or design used: My own design

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