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Project Runway All Stars, Episode 5: "Partners in Crime"

Guest judges (from left): Bar Refaeli, Elie Tahari, and Austin Scarlett.
Elena and Korto discuss their ideas with Zanna for this weeks team challenge.
Jeffreys winning look.
Guest judges (from left): Bar Refaeli, Elie Tahari, and Austin Scarlett.

Guest judges (from left): Bar Refaeli, Elie Tahari, and Austin Scarlett.


Lifetime used this week's challenge to introduce their upcoming mini-series: Bonnie & Clyde. While Elena remained cool, calm, and collected, Jeffrey had a bit of a meltdown when his male model did not match the measurements Jeffrey was originally given. Still, the season 3 winner managed to wow the judges, and secured his first All Stars win.

This week's challenge was presented by Sarah Hyland and Holliday Grainger from the new Bonnie & Clyde. Inspired by the glamour and romance of the 1930s and the new mini-series, the remaining eight designers were challenged to work in pairs (of their choosing) to create an updated look for a young, modern couple. One member in each group would take care of the menswear design, while the other would stick to womenswear. Best of all, the winning designer will debut as a fashion designer in a Lifetime original movie.

Guest judges this week included super model Bar Refaeli and fashion designer Elie Tahari. In addition, standing in for Georgina Chapman was All Stars alumnus Austin Scarlett. Jeffrey stunned the judges with his winning look, while Mychael was sent home.

The teams:

Christopher and Viktor

Seth Aaron and Jeffrey

Irina and Mychael

Elena and Korto

The top:

Jeffrey's winning design:

Jeffrey's design

Christopher's design:

Christopher's design

Irina's design:

Irina's design

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Comments (2)

padutchdiva padutchdiva writes: What about that coat was inspired by the Thirties?
Posted: 8:55 pm on December 3rd

sews4fun sews4fun writes: I was not a fan of Jeffrey's coat, I thought it looked like a cheap home ec project, the lack of anything on the front, buttons, zipper, something, made it look strange to me.
I thought Irina's skirt was amazing but that awful jacket just destroyed her chances of winning this one.
I was so shocked when Viktor attacked Christopher in the back room telling him "I can't take you sometimes" after Christopher tried to comfort him. Personally, I "can't take" Viktor ANYTIME. He is annoying and odd. His Peewee Herman asthetic wore thin a long time ago and I would like to slap that stupid fan out of his hand, what is up with THAT?
Honestly, I didn't see much of the thirties in any of the stuff that went down the runway and in my opinion, there really was no clear winner.
Posted: 12:51 am on November 26th

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