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Project Runway All Stars, Episode 7: "As Sewn on TV"

This weeks judges (from left): Lisa Robertson, Elisabeth Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Mondo Guerra, and Alyssa Milano.
Kortos winning red carpet dress.
Irinas gown, which the judges thought resembled bridal wear, got her sent home this week.
This weeks judges (from left): Lisa Robertson, Elisabeth Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Mondo Guerra, and Alyssa Milano.

This week's judges (from left): Lisa Robertson, Elisabeth Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Mondo Guerra, and Alyssa Milano.


At the start of this week's episode, the final six contestants were flown by helicopter to the QVC studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania. When they arrived, QVC program host Lisa Robertson met them to reveal their challenge. With an annual star-studded gala put on by QVC each year, Lisa asked the designers to create a dress that she could wear while broadcasting the event live from Los Angeles. The dress would need to look good on screen, photograph well, and have red carpet appeal. The reward, you ask? In addition to getting Lisa to wear the winning dress to the event, a version of it will be available for purchase on

Standing in for Georgina Chapman this week was Project Runway All Stars season 1 winner, Mondo Guerra. Emmy nominee Elisabeth Moss and Lisa Robertson of QVC were also guest judges. Korto had her first win of the season, while Irina sent her final garment down the runway.

The top:

Korto's winning design:

Korto's design

Christopher's design:

Christopher's design

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Comments (7)

user-1125658 user-1125658 writes: Personally tired of skin,Skin,SKIN,gowns TOO long to walk in. Blank faced Models who appear to have just come from a concentration camp are very distracting! What's so WRONG about a cream colored gown? Could it be the judges couldn't SEE the gown because the model's SICK coloring is the only thing they could focus on?
Posted: 5:03 pm on December 18th

NikkiHuff NikkiHuff writes: I personally thought Korto's was one of the worst. It was too big and blousy, it would not flatter anyone's shape, the color was ugly, and it was not very well made! I agree with Harmony Q, how could they blast Seth Aaron last week when he made the exact same dress!? So I do not think she should have won. Christopher's was clearly the best.
However, Irina's dress DID look like a wedding dress, the model could NOT move or sit down in it (two of the main criteria for the challenge) and it got a giant rip halfway down the runway. So she made a lot of fundamental mistakes, not just the color.
Posted: 12:52 pm on December 18th

HarmonyQ HarmonyQ writes: They blasted Seth Aaron last week for his quick 'gather and stitch' dress but Korto does the same thing and wins!!!! The judges need to be consistent. Her dress showed no talent and no effort. I was shocked that she was in the top three. Can't believe she won. None of the dresses were exceptional, but the other designers showed that they could piece and fit and come up with a uniquely designed dress. Doesn't this count anymore?
Posted: 7:43 pm on December 17th

magoe99 magoe99 writes: It is now obvious that the only criteria for winning is if you have not won before. Korto's dress was thrown together and clearly the ugliest dress of the group. Christopher's dress should have been the clear winner with Irina coming in second in spite of the unfortunate color choice. How smashing her dress would have been in almost any other color. She did not deserve to go home. Judges, who bought you off?
Posted: 7:36 pm on December 17th

bluefly bluefly writes: Way to go Korto. I love your dress and would wear a shorter version. Congrats on the win. You deserve it! I think the judges got it right!
Posted: 6:44 pm on December 17th

danimom danimom writes: I don't happen to ever agree with the judges except when Irina won. But, this was clearly a true mistrial. Elena's design looked like a t-shirt with a skirt attached. Korto's looked like a house dress. Judges what happened???? I hope you all go back and study this last weeks show before watching the new show on Thursday so you will actually know what this program is all about. Good Luck - our eyes are on you........
Posted: 6:12 pm on December 17th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: Its too bad Irina chose such an unfortunate color for her dress, and such thin fabric. Her look was the most fitting for the red carpet than any of them. I personally think Kortos looked like something that came off the rack at the goodwill.
Posted: 5:41 pm on December 17th

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