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Simplicity Patterns: Early Spring 2014 Review & Givewaway!

Leave a comment telling us what style is your favorite for spring. Leave your comment before 11:59 pm. ET on March 28, 2014, for a chance to win this pattern, Simplicity 1467!
Simplicity 1467 includes a Misses/Miss Petite Top, Jacket, Pull-On Pants, and Skirt.
Simplicity 1656 is a Misses Special-Occasion Dress with Skirt and Length Variations.
Leave a comment telling us what style is your favorite for spring. Leave your comment before 11:59 pm. ET on March 28, 2014, for a chance to win this pattern, Simplicity 1467!

Leave a comment telling us what style is your favorite for spring. Leave your comment before 11:59 pm. ET on March 28, 2014, for a chance to win this pattern, Simplicity 1467!

Photo: Simplicity Creative Group

This beautiful pattern, featured on the front cover of the latest Simplicity Early Spring pattern book, happens to be one of our own: a Sewstylish pattern! Simplicity 1467 includes a Misses/Miss Petite top, jacket, pull-on pants, and skirt, and with all those options, it's perfect for all occasions. With a sleek silhouette, all of the garments are ideal for Spring 2014, and with the variety of choices, you'll be prepared for any type of weather the season brings. 

Leave a comment describing which style is your favorite for a chance to win Simplicity 1467! Leave your comment before 11:59 pm. ET on March 28, 2014, to be eligible.   

Simplicity 1467Simplicity 1467

As the school year's end approaches,  only one thing is on high-schooler's minds.... Prom! Whether you have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, or need one yourself, this pattern gives you the perfect special-occasion dress. Simplicity 1656 features a Misses' special-occasion dress with skirt and length variations. The strapless dress will wow her peers, and she'll love the fact that she can select the length depending on her preferences. She can make a statement with a short dress, go traditional with the floor-length version, or show up in style with the popular high-low hem. No matter what, she is sure to have a great night with this stunning pattern. 

Simplicity 1656Simplicity 1656

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Comments (96)

memarston memarston writes: I really like 1467 for it's very wearable shapes!

Posted: 6:35 am on April 10th

Clodi Clodi writes: Definitely 1467 is my style. My body is pear shape and these patterns define the waist which is the focus area for this body shape. I think I even have the appropriate fabric for each of the patterns.
Posted: 3:31 pm on March 27th

danidooley danidooley writes: I really like 1467. This pattern is very attractive. The samples are made in such cute fabric and the model is adorable but more importantly the style is fresh and current. I like the peplum-ish detail on the jacket and the released pleats and lowered waistline on the skirt and pants. I prefer not to wear sleeveless tops so I really wish this pattern had a cap sleeve option on the top but that is something I can add on my own. It would also be nice to have some invisible pockets hiding behind the gathering on the jacket front. I'll probably add that too.
Posted: 4:47 pm on March 26th

Elizam Elizam writes: 1467 is a real winner! The pattern is very versatile and could be used to increase my wardrobe for casual or business dress wear. There are so many options to mix and watch. This pattern would be a great addition to get started on my spring/summer wardrobe.
Posted: 5:21 am on March 26th

CarmenW CarmenW writes: My style is business casual. Pattern 1467 lends itself to very versatile changes in weather by utilizing linens, cottons, silks and for fall a lightweight or all season wool.
Posted: 11:37 pm on March 22nd

JTwisdom JTwisdom writes: 1467 is great for spring and summer. The pants are so flowing and comfortable. The skirt and sleeveless top can go for casual with flats or heels. And with some added jewelry, simple gorgeous.
Posted: 9:26 pm on March 22nd

Berte Berte writes: My fave style for spring? A relaxed tailored look, perhaps? Not into flounces or ruches, but love relaxed linen trousers and flowing tops and dresses. As well as figure hugging garments. Both 1467 and 2174 look like good fits for me this spring. :-)
Posted: 11:59 am on March 22nd

Nana55 Nana55 writes: My style would be relaxed, easy to sew. I can't work anymore so I tend dress in a relaxed way. When I sew I like easy to sew patterns. Linen pants or capris with a flowing top. I like all your patterns here today they can all be sewn to ones style. Your 1621 I will be getting. Thanks for a chance to win
Posted: 9:07 am on March 21st

MelonNet MelonNet writes: I love pattern #1467. The pieces are adorable and seem very versatile!
Posted: 9:00 am on March 21st

beegee beegee writes: I like 1467. The different pieces can stand alone and all work together very well.
Posted: 9:25 pm on March 20th

xwtiko xwtiko writes: Love the Simplicity 1467 pattern the top and the jacket are lovely!
Posted: 6:15 pm on March 19th

ustabahippie ustabahippie writes: 1467 Looks like a very useful pattern. I love the little top with the skirt. Easy to make and easy to wear.
Posted: 5:38 pm on March 19th

moviedoll moviedoll writes: I love the jacket piece on #1467. I think that would be such a nice piece towear to work and still feel ... girly. Love it!
Posted: 12:41 pm on March 19th

rosiamor rosiamor writes: I love pattern # 1467 because I clearly can see myself wearing every style of the pattern, If I win the pattern I am going to make the top with the skirt and the jacket because the combination is great to going to church in spring time. Thank you for the opportunity.
Posted: 11:16 am on March 19th

velvetribbon velvetribbon writes: I really like #1467, the style is perfect for me and my life style.
The loose fitting pants is perfect for spring/summer, the jacket is so lovely both style and fabric color, the skirt and sleeveless blouse is must have outfit for hot summer day.
So, I'd be glad if I won this giveaway :-)
Posted: 10:37 am on March 19th

velvetribbon velvetribbon writes: I really like #1467, the style is perfect for me and my life style.
The loose fitting pants is perfect for spring/summer, the jacket is so lovely both style and fabric color, the skirt and sleeveless blouse is must have outfit for hot summer day.
So, I'd be glad if I won this giveaway :-)
Posted: 10:37 am on March 19th

velvetribbon velvetribbon writes: I really like #1467, the style is perfect for me and my life style.
The loose fitting pants is perfect for spring/summer, the jacket is so lovely both style and fabric color, the skirt and sleeveless blouse is must have outfit for hot summer day.
So, I'd be glad if I won this giveaway :-)
Posted: 10:37 am on March 19th

Mutti Mutti writes: I really like #1467. I take ballroom dancing lessons (I'm almost 78 - in May) and the top and pants outfit is what I need, perfect for lessons and also dance parties. The jacket in a color that would work with several different colors for the pant and top combinations - perfect. Thanks for the opportunity to win this pattern.

Posted: 10:03 am on March 19th

Delores10550 Delores10550 writes: I like the pattern 1467 very much. Like to sew, but I don't do much for myself, as I have a hard time fitting the pattern.This one looks like it would be easier to fit and great for summer.
Posted: 8:17 am on March 19th

beebusby beebusby writes: I like the look of 1467, there are so many ways to make it a wardrobe staple. Great choices......
Posted: 1:48 am on March 19th

christaj3 christaj3 writes: My fave is style 1621. I love the light and flowing dress with an option to add a light sweater which compliments it. And although I absolutely adore the idea of wearing beautiful dresses all Spring & Summer, the truth is that it simply isn't a practical option for me, so having the additional option to pair the same look with a comfy pair of trouser pants would be awesome!
Posted: 12:51 am on March 19th

Lisa6 Lisa6 writes: I love the Simplicity 1467! There are so many options that it makes easy to build a whole wardrobe not just for Spring,but also all year round. Thanks for this generous giveaway ☺
Posted: 9:39 pm on March 18th

SaraZoe SaraZoe writes: I like very much Simplicity patterns & 1467 Sew Stylish, well, the word says it all! Like
Posted: 6:48 pm on March 18th

msspanky1 msspanky1 writes: Love, love 1467! Classic, easy lines will look great on any figure. I love this pattern!
Posted: 5:47 pm on March 18th

SherryLee4 SherryLee4 writes: Simplicity Pattern 1467 is a very versatile pattern. What a great look for all seasons just by changing the fabric options. Love it.
Posted: 5:24 pm on March 18th

dawn dawn writes: I love 1467 - there are so many options!
Posted: 4:56 pm on March 18th

Corrales Corrales writes: Love #1467!!I haven't sewn in years & now retired want to get back into it. I could make in numerous fabrics both dress & casual. My closet needs a do over for the coming months of heat and this pattern will definitely get a lot of use. Keep up the good work and thank you for coming up with this pattern.
Posted: 4:27 pm on March 18th

cecine cecine writes: 1467 pattern represent simplicity and good looks. It's a pattern I wish I had. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Posted: 12:05 pm on March 18th

thepkl thepkl writes: 1467 is the dream pattern. The top looks so simple to make and easy to wear and yet at the same time it could be dressy. the pants and the skirt basically the same but easy to fit and then if you want to go to work or dinner that adorable jacket would dress it all up. I could even see this as an elegant evening outfit with the skirt floor length and made in some silky fabric. I love it.

Posted: 11:37 am on March 18th

AmberMaeP AmberMaeP writes: Loving 1467. I could make the sleeveless shirt and pants in several different fabrics. I can see it being a go to outfit for me.
Posted: 10:40 am on March 18th

krisla krisla writes: 1467 looks great for me. I want to make several of the blouse and pants.
Posted: 6:53 am on March 18th

delirium210 delirium210 writes: 1467, I love the comfy look of the pattern I imagine those pants and skirt with a soft knit, cozy and stylish. I love the top and would use something soft and flowing to pair with the knit pants and have an out fit that can lounge around the house or head to a social event. love it!
Posted: 6:39 am on March 18th

Jenerator Jenerator writes: Love the top and skirt in 1467, and with the addition of the jacket it would make a great work outfit!
Posted: 5:54 am on March 18th

Suze Suze writes: Oh, 1467 looks like my ideal pattern - it could be made up in numerous types of fabric, suits any age, and would be the perfect 'stash-busting pattern that I need to make space in my sewing room this Spring! Well done Threads for designing it and winning the catalogue cover spot!
Posted: 5:52 am on March 18th

sloopy123 sloopy123 writes: Pattern 1467 is perfect for any occasion, the styles suit me perfectly and would love to own and craft this pattern.

Posted: 4:23 am on March 18th

iris68 iris68 writes: 1467 - hands down! It looks good for a day in the office and early dinner with friends. Love it. Thank you
Posted: 1:23 am on March 18th

crazihippichic crazihippichic writes: I love 1467. Especially the jacket. I adore 3/4 sleeves.
Posted: 12:17 am on March 18th

crazihippichic crazihippichic writes: I love 1467. Especially the A, B, D combination. I love 3/4 sleeves so that jacket would see a lot if use.
Posted: 12:14 am on March 18th

memaha512 memaha512 writes: I love 1467, for the versatile sportswear. Of that pattern, I especially love the A blouse and C skirt. I agree that you could probably adapt this pattern to make sleepwear. Its versatility is one of its strengths :)
Posted: 11:48 pm on March 17th

TwinsMommy TwinsMommy writes: I love, love, love style A & B. This would be perfect to add to my work wardrobe. I've decided in the last year to teach myself to sew and have been taking online classes from Craftsy and pouring over my Threads magazine to learn new techniques and this pattern would be perfect!!
Posted: 11:15 pm on March 17th

MarRitchie MarRitchie writes: This pattern is what spring is all about! Fresh and sleek styles, but new and fresh looks!
Posted: 10:23 pm on March 17th

SilksWithAttitude SilksWithAttitude writes: 1467, love the top, style A - silk charmeuse or a fine linen, I can almost feel them now!
Posted: 9:13 pm on March 17th

CeciliaY CeciliaY writes: My style is classic. I love the look of the pieces in the top pattern.
Posted: 8:45 pm on March 17th

Idna Idna writes: I really love the 1467 pattern!!! so useful! I wan it!
Posted: 8:03 pm on March 17th

ali0423 ali0423 writes: I love 1467 and how versatile it is. I love "A" with "B" it looks like a perfect Spring I just need the warmer weather.
Posted: 7:56 pm on March 17th

SueBee256 SueBee256 writes: 1467 I like wardrobe outfits. Easy to mix and match. Need new Spring clothes and hate off the rack.
Posted: 7:31 pm on March 17th

cbclark cbclark writes: #1467 is the perfect spring wardrobe capsule. Jacket, and the skirt in a solid. Top and skirt in a floral. Add a couple tops in complimentary fabric you have a week's worth of wardrobe combinations. Work up the top and slacks in activewear fabric and you are ready for the week. Love this pattern.
Posted: 7:21 pm on March 17th

cbclark cbclark writes: #1467 is the complete spring wardrobe capsule. Jacket, Slacks, in a solid fabric; top and skirt in a floral, another top or two in a complimentand there you have it a week's worth of style in one pattern envelope. The top and pants could also be made up into active wear. Love this pattern.
Posted: 7:12 pm on March 17th

pandora57 pandora57 writes: I like easy to wear clothing in spring, something that can take me from cold,wet and windy weather straight through to sunny and warm.Separates do it for me.I am loving Peplums, A line skirts. Printed trousers,pastel colours and a bit of tailoring.

Posted: 6:46 pm on March 17th

user-2003399 user-2003399 writes: Lovely patterns to sew for spring!
Posted: 6:39 pm on March 17th

annem54 annem54 writes: I thought I had already commented. I like 1467. Of I don't win, I will buy. My style is smart casual, classic rather than frilly and these pieces would work well for me. I need a new wardrobe! I like the pants and sleeveless top best.
Posted: 6:10 pm on March 17th

annem54 annem54 writes: 1467 looks like a lovely pattern. If I don't win it, I will buy it. My style is smart casual, fairly structured and not frilly and I could really make these pieces work for me, to provide almost a complete new wardrobe on their own. My favourite pieces are the trousers and the sleeveless top.
Posted: 6:06 pm on March 17th

amh61771 amh61771 writes: My granddaughter would love 1656 and I would love to make it for her
Posted: 5:59 pm on March 17th

Lawana55 Lawana55 writes: 1621 with the highlow hem dress and jacket would be my favorite
Posted: 5:36 pm on March 17th

user-1115414 user-1115414 writes: Ι just love 1467, it's a full wardrobe on it's own. I would make all the models twice, once as shown on the envelope and again with using solid colour instead of print and print instead of solid! A full wardrobe, with lots of choices and suitable for every hour of the day. I want this pattern so much!!!
Posted: 5:35 pm on March 17th

kajero kajero writes: S1467 -- The jacket would be perfect for me -- Princess seams in front, darts in back, and a peplum on the sides and back. I even like pink. I would pair the jacket with the coordinating skirt of the same fabric and the sleeveless blouse made of a silky fabric. I would be ready for the big spring event, of which I will have to find one.
Posted: 5:27 pm on March 17th

SanHarvey SanHarvey writes: I would like to say my favorite out would be the skirt with the top and jacket, I can even convert the jacket part which is a peplum style to the skirt and give it a different feel and do the same for the top that is why I like the Simplicity pattern 1467.
Posted: 5:24 pm on March 17th

Elainelalaine Elainelalaine writes: I like pattern #1467. I think it would make a great wardrobe for anyone, and am thinking of making some of the pieces for my mother. It looks like the pieces can be dressed up or down, and would be great for almost any occasion.
Posted: 5:17 pm on March 17th

capoodle capoodle writes: Stylish details perfect for all body types. Can see making these pieces in different fabrics.
Posted: 5:14 pm on March 17th

JaneO JaneO writes: I really like #1467, especially the jacket-top-pants combination. It's exactly what I need!
Posted: 5:10 pm on March 17th

stardrops stardrops writes: I love separates for spring as it gives you more choice what to wear xx
Posted: 5:05 pm on March 17th

nsews nsews writes: 1467 is rather versatile! I like mix and match wardrobe. You can get many different looks with that pattern, I like it!
Posted: 5:03 pm on March 17th

dgray1101 dgray1101 writes: 1467! Yeay! Thank you and Happy Spring!
Posted: 5:01 pm on March 17th

LoopyLatina LoopyLatina writes: I prefer separates, so 1467 would be perfect for me. I love mixing & matching, and for that occasion that calls for a dress, insult better option that a classic shift with a jacket for a polished looks!
Posted: 4:50 pm on March 17th

SuzOH SuzOH writes: I really like 2174. That's just the kind of dress I want to wear.
Posted: 4:33 pm on March 17th

pt6356 pt6356 writes: I love a more classic look, and that jacket in #1467 could be made to look like a more modern Chanel. My favorite!
Posted: 4:19 pm on March 17th

Hummer589 Hummer589 writes: Beautiful pattern, The Perfect Layer 1467. So much options casual, dressy. I love casual style. I have material that would fit the style.

Posted: 4:18 pm on March 17th

lynnpaul lynnpaul writes: Great pattern, love to try these!
Posted: 4:10 pm on March 17th

island_aunt island_aunt writes: 1467 is perfect for spring with the light, flattering jacket and choice of pants or skirt. I love the blouse also. I can see all of them in various fabrics- so fun
Posted: 4:05 pm on March 17th

user-2033275 user-2033275 writes: 1467 looks like a nice updated suit for a business professional. Great way to get so many pieces from one pattern ... I love it!
Posted: 4:02 pm on March 17th

user-178494 user-178494 writes: I love the jacket and top/skirt look for spring!
Posted: 3:51 pm on March 17th

Sambo Sambo writes: What a wonderful versatile pattern,so many options .
Posted: 3:36 pm on March 17th

AlaskaMarilyn AlaskaMarilyn writes: 2174. Something there for a variety of ages!
Posted: 3:32 pm on March 17th

user-3222500 user-3222500 writes: I like the pant and jacket.

Posted: 3:31 pm on March 17th

vancouverlori vancouverlori writes: 1805 would be a "go-to" pattern for me. Simple lines that I can see embellishing in so many different ways.
Posted: 3:24 pm on March 17th

amethystkittie amethystkittie writes: I prefer 1467. I rather like the shape of the top. I think it would be excellent for most women, and the style would look quite charming in a vibrant colour for spring!
Posted: 3:16 pm on March 17th

kathy222 kathy222 writes: I really like the slacks with jacket combo. Lots of opportunities for casual to dressy looks with #1467.
Posted: 3:09 pm on March 17th

greenbp greenbp writes: Classic. I like 1467.
Posted: 3:05 pm on March 17th

greenbp greenbp writes: Classic. I like 1467
Posted: 3:04 pm on March 17th

geriroyer geriroyer writes: I would make the whole outfit. I really like that jacket and pants. I think it would look great in linen and make a very nice suit for Spring and Summer.
Posted: 3:01 pm on March 17th

DawnM70 DawnM70 writes: If I win pattern 1467 it would help me learn more about sewing. I hope it's me!!!! :)
Posted: 2:57 pm on March 17th

harrysmom harrysmom writes: I love 1467. It is classic and very modern at the same time. Not often that you find petitable patterns with peplums i love the design.
Elizabeth laboda

Posted: 2:57 pm on March 17th

MichelleAP MichelleAP writes: Looking forward to light weight, casual, comfortable skirts in bright colors...really ready for warmer weather and no snow. My style is fun, casual, feminine with a twist of creative, quirky or retro/vintage.
Posted: 2:55 pm on March 17th

chelosunny chelosunny writes: Once you have determined your style the choice is easy. I am classic therefore 1467 is great for me. Thx.
Posted: 2:52 pm on March 17th

ctdamsel ctdamsel writes: Separates are always a good choice and the princess seaming and nipped in waist is attractive for all figures. Also the jacket and top with the slacks is perfect for work.
Posted: 2:51 pm on March 17th

i'm holly i'm holly writes: I love to sew a lot of print skirts for summer to wear with shells and a jacket or a cardigan and a cute pair of sandals. Skirts are quick to sew and require small amounts of fabric. Once the patterns are fine-tuned to your liking, Monday night sew skirt for Tuesday and so on.
Posted: 2:51 pm on March 17th

Emmab2003 Emmab2003 writes: Love 1467, especially the jacket and top to go under it!
Posted: 2:48 pm on March 17th

SandyChavez SandyChavez writes: I would love to make an ensemble using #1467. Very feminine and I think it would work on my short roundish body. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great pattern.
Posted: 2:46 pm on March 17th

mizzmuskrat mizzmuskrat writes: I really like the 1467 pattern, especially the skirt and the pants. They look practical and versatile.
Posted: 2:46 pm on March 17th

pmkurth pmkurth writes: Love 1467, it looks chic and comfortable!
Posted: 2:41 pm on March 17th

Melwyk Melwyk writes: I love a nice light dress & jacket for spring, in clear bright colours -- wash away the dullness of winter! I have 2174 in the queue right now, to make up in a lovely light blue & grey abstract/butterfly print.
Posted: 2:40 pm on March 17th

cindyreams cindyreams writes: I like loose light fitted clothing in the spring. Pattern 1467 works perfectly.

Posted: 2:39 pm on March 17th

dmc000 dmc000 writes: I like the 1467, several piece, the tank and skirt, the pants, they are a nice look.
Posted: 2:38 pm on March 17th

paulaberon70 paulaberon70 writes: my favorite style is #1467, i adore jackets, im sewing one right now actually, love them. The skirt, the pants and the blouse are beautiful.
Posted: 2:37 pm on March 17th

lmichelle lmichelle writes: I love 1467. It's already in my wish list and I'm hoping to get it soon. Winning it would be such a treat! My favorite style? Soft & romantic.

Posted: 2:35 pm on March 17th

Maydge Maydge writes: I like #1671. Where I work these cuts would be perfect with the right material, but also the same work at work and dare I say make a slip or pj's??? It's beyond versatile!
Posted: 1:36 pm on March 17th

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