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Under the Gunn, Episode 10: "Crossing Teams"

Oscars winning dress, which will now be sold at Francescas stores and online at
Shans fashion-forward jacket also earned him a $5,000 prize and the opportunity to have his design reproduced and sold at Francescas.
This weeks judges (from left): Tim Gunn, Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy, and Sei Jin Alt.
Oscars winning dress, which will now be sold at Francescas stores and online at

Oscar's winning dress, which will now be sold at Francesca's stores and online at


Despite his mentoring progress, Nick ended last week's episode with only one designer left on his team. Meanwhile both Mondo and Anya have two designers remaining.

The designers met at Francesca's where the company's chief merchandising officer, Sei Jin Alt, and Tim Gunn announced the ninth challenge. As the episode title suggests, the designers were split into new teams to create an on-trend spring collection that embraces the youthful, fun, and confident Francesca's customer. Each pair's mini collection had to be comprised of three looks, and the team's winner will have their look recreated and sold in Francesca's stores and online at

This week's guest judge was Francesca's Sei Jin Alt. Zanna Roberts Rassi also returned as a judge for this episode, after a two week hiatus. Sam and Blake's team created a cohesive collection that was executed incredibly well. The judges especially loved the print they incorporated into all three of their looks. Natalia and Asha, on the other hand, greatly disappointed the judges. The judges thought Natalia's dress was poorly constructed and Asha's dashiki looked like an ugly curtain. Together, their collection had too many ideas and looked "discombobulated." Natalia boldly agreed to take the blame for the collection's faults, and was sent home. As for the winners, Oscar and Shan proved they could work together, despite their discrepancies in style. They made a fun, youthful collection with an adorable jumpsuit and a gorgeous jacket, both of which will be sold at Francesca's. The judges were so impressed that Shan and Oscar each received $5,000.

The top:

Oscar and Shan's collection:

Oscar and Shan's design

Oscar and Shan's design

Oscar and Shan's design

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Comments (2)

marshmallowjane marshmallowjane writes: I don't recall ever seeing a designer go home with so much dignity after she'd been reamed and bullied by the other designers. Maybe "bullied" is too strong a word. It's interesting to see the dynamics of a reality show play out. One person complains about an individual, and, one by one, the others come on board and project joint negativity toward this one loan designer. Maybe Natalia would have fought harder for herself if the room hadn't gone silent whenever she entered.

I honestly don't understand how someone could call herself a competitor in a design contest and enter a dashiki that is cut like a simple kaftan or rectangle.
Posted: 3:27 pm on March 26th

Soli Soli writes: Asha should have gone home. She's nowhere near as brilliant as she thinks she is. Can't recall any trash talk from Natalia about any of the other designers; maybe she couldn't take the pressure. It really wasn't her fault that she was given horrid fabric to work with, or got stuck with a teammate who refused to be a team player. Seriously do not want to see Asha in the top three. Did love Oscar's dress. I could imagine wearing that for beach vaca cocktails.
Posted: 10:35 pm on March 25th

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