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Under the Gunn, Episode 12: "Superhero Fashion"

Although some judges considered it costumey, Oscars design was regarded as a high-fashion look with impeccable construction.
The judges thought Shans look was edgy, modern, sexy, cool, and versatile.
Actress Jaimie Alexander joins this weeks judging panel (second from right).
Although some judges considered it costumey, Oscars design was regarded as a high-fashion look with impeccable construction.

Although some judges considered it costumey, Oscar's design was regarded as a high-fashion look with impeccable construction.


This episode was quite emotional as one of the designers opened up about his past and revealed his true colors. Meanwhile, the mentors couldn't be happier since they will all be represented in the finale.

Tim Gunn, a comic book hero himself, arranged for the remaining four designers to meet at Meltdown Comics to announce the final challenge before the finale. After introducing the Vice President of animation development and production for Marvel Television, Cort Lane, Tim announced that the designers would have to make a wearable look, inspired by one of four superheroes. This challenge would span two days, and each designer would have a $250 budget. The twist was that no one would win this challenge. Instead, only the designers with the highest scores will move on to the finale.

The guest judge for this episode was Jaimie Alexander, also known as Sif from Thor: The Dark World. For the most part, the designs were equally innovative and wearable. While it was clear from the beginning that Shan and Oscar would be safe, it was unknown which one of Mondo's designers would be sent home. The decision got even harder when Sam struggled to hold back tears on the runway after sharing how closely connected he felt to his superhero. After much deliberation, the judges decided they weren't ready to see anyone go just yet. All four designers will, therefore, move on to the finale.

On to the designs...

Oscar's look, inspired by Gamora (the most dangerous woman in the universe):

Oscar's design (team Nick)

Shan's look, inspired by Captain Marvel (who has experienced tremendous struggles):

Sam's design (team Mondo)

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Comments (1)

Soli Soli writes: Kind of agree with Shan that it was a copout allowing all four to move forward. I didn't think that Sam's entry was all that strong. The top was nearly identical to one that they reminded him covered up the model's waistline. Cropping it didn't make it any more flattering in that particular fabric. Maybe something with more drape like a charmeuse would have been a better choice. Asha's was pretty, but agree that something was missing. Didn't care for Shan's at all, re the slashed over pieces and the camo fabric. Oscar's outer garment was impeccable, but I didn't care for the lame piping on the top. I think of the four, Oscar being the oldest is probably the best craftsman of all of them. I just don't find the remaining designers compelling. I am looking forward to the finale, because I've attended a show in the Los Angeles Theater, and it is one of the most amazing Rococo buildings in California. It's been in many movies, including The Prestige, so I hope that they lit the auditorium right, because the details are amazing. I'm only hoping that the clothing in the finale is as amazing as the setting.
Posted: 10:24 pm on April 8th

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