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The sewing room it took 30 years to get

My special, creative space
Long view
My special, creative space

My special, creative space

This room has been converted for all of my projects; sewing; knitting & crochet; jewelry making.  Primarily sewing.  One photo shows some of the arrangement, drawers and shelves labeled, books organized by subject, fabric by project and/or person intended.  Love this room!!  In the long view, you can see my Sailrite industrial sewing machine.  Workhorse that handles heavy textiles.


Comments (3)

user-3059980 user-3059980 writes: How do you like your Sailrite? I have a Juki industrial that works great but the motor is by nature noisy. I prefer to use my commercial Singer just because of the noise factor.

Congratulations on your room! I too am enjoying a room that took me a long time to get!
Posted: 9:53 pm on May 27th

Passionbysoniasantos Passionbysoniasantos writes: Looks great very organized. I will share mine.
Posted: 8:33 pm on May 9th

TwilightStorm TwilightStorm writes: Love your room! Congratulations on getting everything super organized as well! Someday I will have a dedicated craft den instead of working off the kitchen table in most cases! :)
Posted: 11:57 pm on April 10th

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