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Pretty Print & Pattern

Wearing the complete dress.
Close up.
Frontal View
Back View
3/4 View
Wearing the complete dress.

Wearing the complete dress.

I made this dress for a special event which is why I chose a more formal looking fabric with a rich print. In my opinion I think it's a great semi-formal dress for the Easter season, a time when everyone wants to look their best. To make this dress, I drafted the pattern from an old dress I had in my closet that was too short for me and I lengthened the hem to the appropriate length for my body. It is a classic silhouette and I hand sewed gold embroidery on the dress to create little cap sleeves on the shoulders.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Rachel Banbury

Comments (2)

Banbury325 Banbury325 writes: Thank you so much for the nice comment I really appreciate it!
Posted: 11:24 am on May 22nd

psfws1963 psfws1963 writes: I love what you did. You took something apart an, sewn it with you'r own hands. It's yours, but with you'r personal touch.
Posted: 7:26 am on April 26th

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