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Create a Garment Using Tyvek


In this article from Threads #173, Linda Lee reveals the versatility of an unusual material: Tyvek.

The most comfortable jacket I ever had was a bomber-style jacket, years ago. It was waterproof, kept the Kansas wind from cutting through, and only weighed a few ounces. Since then, I've been fascinated by a similar jacket made of Tyvek (a registered product of DuPont). While Tyvek is typically known as the bright white material used to wrap houses for insulation, and isn't usually associated with apparel, it is gaining popularity in the fashion industry. Not only is it an ideal material for lightweight, durable garments and accessories, it is also easy to sew, can be dyed, embossed, printed, and is readily available at many retailers. Consider using Tyvek the next time you want to make a recyclable and trendy new garment.

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catstexas catstexas writes: Thank you, Linda. Great idea. QUESTION: what do you think of Tyvek as a pattern paper, instead of other pattern papers? Thanks

Posted: 4:00 pm on May 20th

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