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The Winner of "Sew Fun" and "Sewing School 2" is...

 Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher (Interweave Press, 2013)
Sewing School 2 by Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle (Storey Publishing, 2013)
 Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher (Interweave Press, 2013)

 Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher (Interweave Press, 2013)

Photo: Interweave Press

Congratulations smfsprout!!! Smfsprout was randomly chosen to win Sew Fun (Story Publishing, 2013) and Sewing School 2 (Interweave Press, 2013)! Readers were asked to share a story about a sewing experience with one of their little loved ones or a project the readers hope to create with a child in the future. Smfsprout told us about how her grandchildren always want to do what she does, so with these books she can show them how to sew while spending quality time together. To see her full response check out the original book giveaway blog

Congratulations again to smfsprout from the entire Threads staff!


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