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Video: Manuel's Piped Pockets

Video Length: 4:37
Produced by: Gary Junken

with Manuel
An Online Extra to Threads #103

Manuel, clothier to the stars, includes piping in almost all his creations. He makes the piping from 1-inch strips of suiting fabric cut on the cross-grain, wrapped and stitched around cotton cord. This video demonstrates the process utilized by seamstress Maria Perez to make piped pockets for the fashions in Manuel's Nashville, Tennessee, shop.

For a complete profile and step-by-step instructions for making the piped pockets, read "Meet Manuel, King of the Cowboy's Closet," in the October/November 2002 issue of Threads (#103).

For another glimpse into Manuel's shop, watch the video Manuel's Free-Motion Embroidery Techniques.


Comments (3)

StashaNovak StashaNovak writes: Thank you so much fro posting
Posted: 9:44 am on July 3rd

mirela mirela writes: I adore the sound industrial sewing machines make, lightning speed! It makes it seem so easy...very encouraging.
Posted: 3:21 pm on March 9th

Frankfurt2 Frankfurt2 writes: Hola,
always again fascinating how fast and WOW it looks!!!

Posted: 10:45 am on February 4th

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