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Project Runway Season 13: Episode 5, "The Klum of Doom"

Heidi makes her way around the workroom to discuss each designers progress.
Gold medalist alpine skier Lindsey Vonn guest judges.
Seans winning dress was just playful enough to catch Heidis attention.
Heidi makes her way around the workroom to discuss each designers progress.

Heidi makes her way around the workroom to discuss each designer's progress.


Heidi Klum greeted the designers in a trench coat at the beginning of this episode. With nothing to wear to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, she figured she'd ask her team of talented designers to come up with some options that combine her sense of style with their point of view as designers. She specifically requested that the looks be: unexpected, fashion forward, and fearless.

Each designer was given $250 and one day to complete this challenge. That was, until Heidi decided she was less than impressed with the selection of looks available during her workroom consultation. Soon after the critique, Heidi and Tim returned to the workroom with a surprise. They decided to give everyone an additional $100 so they could go back to Mood for a 20-minute visit. Those that wanted to remain in the workroom were given that extra time to work on their garments. They were also instructed to give their extra money to any designer who asked for it. Surprisingly enough, Sandhya was the only designer who asked for additional cash, which is why she was able to spend over $400 on her secondary materials.

This week's guest judge was gold medalist alpine skier Lindsey Vonn. Due to the time constraints for those designers who decided to return to Mood, some very poorly sewn garments were sent down the runway. Kristine, Mitchell, and Korina, for instance, were all encouraged to start their designs over, but had a hard time finishing a second look in less than half a day. While all three of them were in the bottom, just Kristine and Mitchell were sent home for their unflattering garments. Luckily, there was one dress that was good enough for Heidi to claim. For the first time this season, Sean surprised the judges with his fringed, ombré dress that won him this challenge.

On to the designs...

The top:

Sean's winning design:

Project Runway episode 4 Sean

Amanda's design:

Project Runway episode 4 Amanda

Kini's design:

Project Runway episode 4 Kini

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Comments (1)

Serral Serral writes: Know your strengths and weakness. If you are fast at the machine go to. Mood, if not be creative and stay and re-work your idea. And get off Sandhya's case! She was smart enough to ask for money. Successful designer's also need to be good business people.

I agree the clothes were less than spectacular. It was however refreshing that the winning design was not über cleavage and uber short. I would have sent Emily home for that brown decoupage mess. Kristine just lost her way.

On the whole uninteresting. How many cookie cutter short, with long drape to one side hemlines can you put in one runway presentation? Some texture, very little prints and boring fabric choices. Yawn....
Posted: 11:31 am on August 28th

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