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Video: A Turtleneck Finish for Knits

Video Length: 7:5
Produced by: David Coffin/Gary Junken

with Sarah Veblen
An Online Extra to Threads #106

Many sewers are intimidated by knits, especially when it comes to sewing a pucker-free neckline. Because they must stretch over your head, and then lie flat, necklines present a unique set of challenges. But success is easily achievable, as Sarah Veblen, Sparks, Maryland, teacher and author, demonstrates in this video.

Read Sarah's article, "Neckline Finishes for Knits," in the April/May 2003 issue of Threads (#106), and watch her other video, A Neckline Binding for Knits.

Video Length: 7:05 
Video: David Coffin/Gary Junken


Comments (5)

annybanny01 annybanny01 writes: I have been waiting on a video for this. Thanks so much!
Posted: 3:45 pm on March 22nd

79tarheel 79tarheel writes: This is absolutely THE most clear and easily understood instruction for this technique!!! A must before attempting this! I won't fear making turtlenecks ever again! Thank you, thank you for making this available!
Posted: 11:16 am on January 28th

mustsewsew mustsewsew writes: Great video.Thanks so much!
Posted: 11:33 pm on October 3rd

deliascloset deliascloset writes: Excellent video.
Posted: 3:30 pm on June 17th

user-4690941 user-4690941 writes: Excellent videos. I also watch "A neckline bindin for knits" just before I watched this one. Both videos complement each other very well. I particularly liked that Sarah sews the turtle neck on hew conventional machine first. It saves a lot of aggravation if you have to undo. Thank you.
Posted: 5:50 am on March 23rd

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