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Video: How to Sew Knits

Video Length: 4:32
Produced by: Judith Neukam; Shot by: Evamarie Gomez

In "Knit Know-how," Threads #176, Executive Editor Judith Neukam shares tips and techniques for sewing knits. As any experienced sewer knows, knits come in a variety of styles and fabric typesfrom tissue-weight jersey to bulky sweater knits. Watch this Threads Essential Techniques video to learn which machines, needles, and stitches are best suited for particular knit types. You'll also learn a foolproof technique for stabilizing shoulder seams on knits, how to handle necklines on knit garments, and how to sew a durable hand stich for hemming knits.

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Comments (3)

Mamato8 Mamato8 writes: I use a twin needle to hem my knits. I loosen the tension on the needle thread to keep the stitch from making a channel. It lays flat and stretches without popping.

My seams are a zig zag set at 2-3 wide and 1-1 1/2 long. This has a nice stretch and it looks the same on the outside of the seam as a straight stitch.

Kwik sew has lots of good patterns for knits.
Posted: 10:34 pm on January 20th

user-3210588 user-3210588 writes: I found this useful - I am new to knits and have struggled with finishing necklines nicely. Thank you.
Posted: 5:57 pm on November 13th

sewold sewold writes: New sewers have a tendency to hand sew hems in a tight stitch, reasoning that it will hold better. In truth, the looser catch stitch is perfect because it is flexible. It will hold better than any tight stitch and it is almost invisible from the right side.
Posted: 11:11 am on November 5th

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