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No-Bulk Elastic Joint

submitted by Trudy Dixon
from Threads #130

Here's a great way to make a smooth elastic joint. Butt the two elastic ends together over a thin piece of fabric (organza is best, but other fabrics also work), and zigzag along the joint as well as on each side of the joint through the elastic and second fabric until the joint is stable. This makes a smooth connection, and there is no added bulk from overlapped elastic.


Comments (2)

byDesign byDesign writes: To answer Denise's question:

Calico could work as well in active childen's wear!
Posted: 9:46 am on December 29th

denise denise writes: i think this very inventive, but one question if this is a very active child do you think the fabric used between the join should be stronger e.g. calico
Posted: 5:34 am on December 2nd

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