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Organize Your Button Stash

submitted by Elizabeth Merritt
from Threads #130

My button box used to be a total disaster. The buttons were loose and disorganized, so I could never find two of the same button without dumping out the whole box. Then, I tried stringing them together in logical groups on button thread, but the threads tangled if I kept them too loose, and if I just wanted a few buttons, I had to cut the strand and then restring it. Finally, I found the perfect solution by "stringing" my buttons on safety pins. There are lots of different-size safety pins available that work well for all but the largest buttons. The safety pins are effective for either shank buttons or those with holes, they don't get tangled in the box, and I can clearly see how many buttons I have. It's a snap to take off as many or as few buttons as I need, then simply close the pin again. If I have more buttons than will fit on one pin or if I have two or more sizes of the same style, I just link the pins together through the coil end. This storage method makes button selection a pleasure.


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portalesquilter portalesquilter writes: I also had the same problem but came up with a different solution - small zipper top bags that are found in the bead department of the craft store. I use the two smallest sizes. I take the buttons off of the cards, cut the size information (sometimes the Manufacturer also), and place them in these bags. Because they are in a clear plastic they can be seen from both sides and they slide against each other very, very easily without 'catching' on each other. Toss them in a clear plastic shoe box. This makes it a breeze to 'shuffle' through them to locate the buttons I need.
Posted: 10:24 pm on May 18th

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