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Choose the Right Notions when Sewing White Fabric

submitted by Rae Cumbie
from Threads #106

White fabrics can call for some specialized notions. For invisible seams on fine sheers, I use monofilament thread; otherwise I choose a good-quality polyester thread. Note that not all white threads are equal, and neither are all white fabrics; try to match thread to fabric just as you would for any other color. When I hand-sew whites, I avoid using beeswax or other thread conditioners; if you wish to use these products be sure to test them to see if they discolor the thread or fabric.

White hooks and eyes and clear plastic snaps are readily available and are unobtrusive closures. If you're using a zipper, consider placing it in a side seam, where it will be less noticeable.

As with any fabric, select interfacing with care. In some cases, the adhesive dots on fusibles may show through. I often use silk organza or cotton batiste to interface sheer, white fabrics.


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cornflower cornflower writes: I would like to know where I can purchase white snaps, or clear and white hook and eyes. My white garment needs them.
Thank you so much,
Posted: 9:07 am on June 16th

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