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Tiger Tape Revisited

submitted by Suzanne Sandoval
from Threads #104

For a tiny ruler I can't lose, I put a 1/2-inch piece of Tiger Tape on my left thumbnail (I'm right-handed). Then when I'm hand-stitching or hand-embroidering, the way I hold my thumb allows me to gauge stitches quickly and effortlessly. Now my stitches have even depth and width, and for me, that's important.


Comments (2)

Firefairy Firefairy writes: Tiger tape is tape marked with lines, sort of like a ruler with no numbers. I found it as a quilter's notion with markings for 9 divisions of an inch.
Posted: 7:50 am on December 3rd

Moonbeams Moonbeams writes: What is tiger tape?
Posted: 4:11 pm on October 24th

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