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Video: Accurate Darts without Permanent Marks

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Video Length: 4:30
Produced by: Gary Junken

with Shirley Smith

It's easy to achieve perfect darts that shape the bust, hips, waist, and back of a garment, provided you remember to mark accurately, stitch carefully, and press gently.

In this video, Shirley Smith, a sewing teacher and author from Salmon, Washington, demonstrates a method of marking that can be used on even the sheerest of fabrics. With a little practice, using pin tacks and some 1/4 inch tape as a guide, you will be an expert at sewing accurate darts.

Shirley Smith's article "Lapped Zippers Rule!" appeared in the October/November 1998 issue of Threads.


Comments (2)

JCKelly JCKelly writes: Thank you so much for the video. This should solve my proplem to sew to the end point smoothly.
Posted: 2:38 pm on August 1st

RBJarmon RBJarmon writes: Thank you so much for that video. It is extremely helpful.
Posted: 6:38 pm on April 5th

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