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Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 6

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In Volume 6 of this amazing series, respected sewing instructor Louise Cutting shares even more insider secrets for dealing with challenges – giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how the pros solve the very same dilemmas that you face. In this 21-part series, you'll learn how to handle fragile fabrics, make perfectly aligned vertical buttonholes, sew elegant darts, make self-fabric interfacing and many more expert techniques.

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Episodes in this Series

Welcome to Industry Insider Techniques Vol. 6

Louise Cutting shares a behind-the-scenes look at how professionals construct fine clothing worthy of designer labels.

An Expert Technique for Aligning Hard-to-Match Prints

Sometimes, large plaids and ikats do not match on a garment’s shoulder seams. Find out how a fabric insert can help overcome this dilemma and add a fun design element.

Secure Loose Snaps

In stress spots, snaps can become loose. Instead of replacing snaps, learn how to rescue them with clear nail polish.

Make a Vertical Buttonhole

This vertical buttonhole technique creates a beautiful finish.

Line an Unlined Jacket

Louise Cutting shares an expert method for lining an unlined jacket.

Plan a Garment with Minipats

Louise gives an exclusive look at how she develops designs using what she calls “minipats” or “minipatterns.”

Martha Meyers’ Simplified Sashiko

Sashiko is a form of Japanese embroidery stitches. Louise shares a technique for creating decorative stitches.

Hide Snaps on Loosely Woven Fabrics

Louise offers a neat trick for concealing snaps on handwoven fabrics.

Impeccable Snap Alignment

Learn two ways for achieving precisely aligned snaps.

Finish a Centered Zipper with a Facing

This method produces an elegant finish for zippers.

How to Keep Sleeves Pushed Up

If you prefer to wear sleeves higher on your forearm, find out how elastic can help secure them.

Taper a Sleeve for a Narrower Silhouette

Learn how to reduce the circumference of long and short sleeves.

Sew Elegant and Professional-Looking Darts

Sew bulk-free darts with Louise’s expert method.

Get Right with Ease

Louise discusses three important concepts when it comes to achieving the fit you like: wearing ease, design ease, and your personal preference. She also shares her method for getting your desired amount of ease

How to Shrink Packaged Bias Tape and Piping

Store-bought bias tape and piping are 100-percent cotton and they need to be preshrunk before use. Discover how easy it can be to preshrink these notions with a few household items.

A Tailor's Method for Creating Piping from Bias Strips

Louise demonstrates how to make piping from strips of bias binding. She also shows you how to add it to the neckline to help give it more stability.

Perfect Vertical Buttonhole Placement

When adding a vertical buttonhole, considerations include the fabric’s print and the distance from hem or neckline. Find out how to achieve the perfect placement for vertical buttonholes.

Stabilize Lightweight Fabrics with Interfacing

Learn how to add stability to lightweight fabrics with three interfacing techniques.

Self-Fabric Interfacing

Interfacing stabilizes lightweight fabrics, but sometimes it shows through the fabric. Self-fabric interfacing can prevent this problem.

A Secret for Making a Pleat Hem Lay Flat

Bulk-free hems are easy to achieve with this expert technique.

Industry Insider Techniques, Volume 6: Conclusion

Louise wraps up Volume 6 of Industry Insider Techniques.