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Four Strap Variations To Transform Your Wardrobe

Try one of these fun and fabulous strap techniques to top off your next garment.
Instead of inserting an ordinary tank top strap, try braiding a few strands of cord together to create a one-of-a-kind effect.
To achieve this look, take four basic tank top straps and orient them in an X formation.
Try one of these fun and fabulous strap techniques to top off your next garment.

Try one of these fun and fabulous strap techniques to top off your next garment.

Photo: Dana Finkle

Four Strap Options to Try

Straps are found on all sorts of garments, including tank tops, dresses, cover-ups, and more. But why top off your outfit with basic spaghetti straps when there are so many fun options to explore? Below, I'll share four strap variations that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe with just a few materials. Let's get started.

Note: Before you begin, make sure to prepare the bodice by sewing the side seams and any other preliminary seams. In addition, unless the garment you are working with is made of a stretchy fabric, you'll need to insert a zipper (or other closure type) when creating one of the first three options below. These same three techniques also require a garment facing or lining.

Strap variations

I. Braided Straps

This design is basic and eye-catching. While I used six pieces of 2-mm rattail cord in two colors for each strap, you can personalize this look however you desire. For instance, consider using only one color or six different colors to complement the body fabric.

Braided straps

Six cords make a substantial yet delicate strap. For a narrower strap, use just three cord pieces, and for a wider strap, use nine cords or more.

1. Determine the strap length. Measure the distance from the front bodice's top right edge (in the location you plan to insert the strap) to the back bodice's top right edge. Repeat for the left side. Add at least 7 inches to the larger measurement. Multiply this number by 2 to determine the total yardage needed for each cord piece. You will need six thin cord pieces in up to six colors to create the look above.

2. Prepare the pieces. Cut all six cords in half. Take one pile and orient the cords in the desired order from left to right. Baste them together about 1 inch from the top edge, as shown below. Repeat with the second pile.

Basting Consider securing this top portion to a clipboard to make it easier to braid the strands together.

3. Braid the cord. Begin braiding, using two strands at a time. Be sure to take your time so the strands remain neat and untangled. When you get to the end, pinch the remaining cord pieces together and baste across this portion, about 1 inch away from the edge. Repeat with the second group, reversing the order of the cord colors to make the second braid symmetrical to the first one.

Braid The silky nature of this cord made it easy to create a neat and even braid.

4. Sandwich the strap. With the garment's back bodice and facing (or lining) pieces with right sides together, place one braid end in the desired strap location between the two fabrics. The basting stitch should align with the garment's seamline. Make sure the braid's right side is against the garment right side, so that when the strap opens out, the braid is not upside down. Sew the strap in place. Repeat for the second strap, checking that it is arranged symmetrically to the first strap.

Secure the strap

The braided strap's flat end is sandwiched between the back bodice and the facing's right sides.

5. Secure the other end. Try on the garment, pull the unsewn strap ends to the front, and place a pin in the strap at the desired length. Stitch the straps between the bodice front and facing (or lining) pieces, as described in step 4. Trim any excess braided strap, and finish the garment as instructed.

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