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End Metallic Thread Woes

submitted by Mary Gibbons
from Threads #112

When I sew with metallic gold thread it often frays and breaks. To solve this problem I now thread both the metallic thread and a yellow thread through the same needle. The dual threads give more definition to the stitch and work beautifully.



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flowerr82 flowerr82 writes: I solved my metallic thread problem by slowing down my machine and making sure that is is coming off the spool correctly. Another tip that I think is special is a website that I found that will teach you about special threads like this. Look for Superior Threads website. "Mother Superior" will have a lot of information about threads and you can buy them to embroidery, quilt, and etc with also. They even have free embroidery designs.
Posted: 12:57 pm on March 31st

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