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Make a Sewing Worktable

submitted by Heather Taylor
from Threads #131

I made a large, sturdy worktable for my sewing room for about $100 with material purchased at Home Depot. The base is a utilitarian folding table on which I nailed a piece of 4- by 8-foot plywood board centered on top of the table. Then I spray-glued 2-inch-thick wall foam insulation boards (exceptional for pinning) on top of the plywood. I covered the foam sheets with 1/4-inch-thick felt carpet padding and enclosed the entire tabletop with heavy canvas. I wrapped the canvas around all of the edges and secured it with heavy-duty safety pins so that the cover can be removed for washing. Since I originally made this wonderful table, I've added a hinged shelf that can be lifted when I need an extra-wide working surface. I made it from a piece of plywood using the same procedure. The hinges allow the shelf to drop to the side of the table when not in use. I attached two wooden legs to this extension and added Velcro loops under the original table to hold them close to the underside of the table when the extension isn't in use.


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SpinninJenny SpinninJenny writes: Does anyone know if Heather Taylor posted a photo of her work table? I'd like to get one made for my sewing room.

Posted: 8:45 am on May 24th

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