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Speedy Sequin Application

submitted by Bill Jones
from Threads #117

I've used this trick to apply cupped sequins for years -- and guarantee it works. First, I lay my fabric on a surface protected with a plastic dry-cleaning bag (any polyethylene plastic bag or sheet works). If I'm doing yardage, I pin the fabric to the bag. Next, I scatter the sequins on a paper plate to make it easy to see the cupped side, which should always be up.

Then I apply small dots of Sobo glue to the fabric, in a dozen places I want sequins. I apply a small amount of glue to a pencil tip, making it tacky, and then touch it to a sequin, lifting it and carrying it to a dot of glue on my fabric. I press the sequin lightly so a bit of the glue oozes up through the hole and "rivets" it to the fabric. Then I pick up another sequin and repeat the process. I clean the glue off the pencil tip when needed, and let the sequins dry before moving the fabric. (When you're first learning this technique start by applying six glue dots so the glue doesn't dry before you get all the sequins placed.) I recommend Sobo glue because other glues dry too fast or are brittle, and the sequins pop off.

For an extra-perfect close-up finish after my sequins are applied I put a tiny dot of Tulip craft paint (glitter or pearl varieties work best) on each sequin to cover the hole. This makes it look beaded.


Comments (2)

roylaverne12 roylaverne12 writes: Awesome work
Posted: 12:59 am on January 30th

jeanwhite67 jeanwhite67 writes: Good job!!
Posted: 4:39 am on January 2nd

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