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Trace Patterns Vertically

submitted by Carolyn Rehbaum
from Threads #119

I like to use my sliding glass doors as an easel -- the daylight shines through creating a light table -- and I can then alter and trace original pattern pieces vertically.

I fasten my original pattern to the glass with low-tack tape, which is secure, yet removes later without tearing the tissue pattern. With my pattern at eye level, I can stand back to think before I alter it. I then trace off a pattern using brown kraft paper for simple or preliminary alterations, and artist's tissue paper for detailed and final alterations.

When altered, pattern pieces need to be permanently taped together. This time I use a good-quality clear cellophane or gift-wrap tape. Do not use a low-tack tape -- it's not permanent.



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kirbster104 kirbster104 writes: fabulous idea, thanks.
Posted: 5:51 am on March 27th

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