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Marking Seamlines on Silks

submitted by Desiree Eckert
from Threads #100

While I was sewing an important project at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, where I study apparel design, I invented this method to mark seamlines on hard-to-handle, slippery silks and lining fabrics. My professor thought it was a smart, novel idea: Use a needle-pointed tracing wheel (available from Nancy's Notions, 800-833-0690) to mark the seams on these fabrics, but don't use tracing paper. If possible, work on a porous surface (we use cork tabletops at FIT) so that the tracing wheel will hold the fabric securely in place as you trace the seamline. The tiny holes made by this type of tracing wheel line up easily when you're ready to sew the seams. If any holes show on the finished garment (which is rare), you can work them out with a bit of pressing.


Comments (1)

MakiKO MakiKO writes: Thank you thank you!

I work almost exclusively with silk, and you'd think I would have thought of this myself, as I was struggling recently to figure out how to precisely, and I mean precisely, smile, match points on my patterned silk with corresponding points on the lining, for hand embroidery while making a scarf?

Nope-- but you did, and I thank Threads and you both, that I read this tip about a month ago, and remembered it.

Donke, Arigato, Gracias, and etc!

Posted: 11:11 pm on March 7th

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