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Suspension Skirt

submitted by Sarah Veblen
from Threads #93

For ladies with a tummy whose skirts tend to ride up in front, here's a solution: Make the skirt to fit the abdomen and hips. But instead of completing the skirt with a waistband, sew a lightweight camisole of silk or other slippery fabric to the top of the skirt. Now the skirt hangs from the shoulders instead of the waist, and is comfortable for the wearer while letting the skirt hang straight. Since a top can't be tucked in with this system, an overblouse is needed to finish the ensemble. Using the length of the top as a guide, place the camisole/skirt waist at a line that won't show under the top. Lower the neck of the camisole an inch or conceal it under the top.

To allow the camisole to fit comfortably without adding a lot of fabric to bunch or distort the lines of the skirt, I suggest three steps: Add side bust darts to the camisole. Sew a zipper in the side seam, which runs right down into the skirt. Drop the armscye of the camisole 1/4 to 1/2 in. May stylish comfort be yours.


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