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A Better 3-D You

submitted by Dawn Jardine
from Threads #127

I wanted to pad my dress form to mimic my unique curves so that I could more accurately fit a snug muslin. I dressed the form in one of my well-fitting bras and used scraps of polyester batting to fill the cups. To create hips, I cut off the top of an old pair of tights, pulled it onto the form's hips, and padded in the same way. This enabled me to customize my form quickly so that it more closely resembles my nonstandard proportions.


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cuddlypersephone cuddlypersephone writes: Thats brilliant, I bought a form that is suppossed to cover my size but doesn't so it's been sitting doing nothing. Thanks to you I can dust it off and finally use it.
Posted: 2:37 pm on July 25th

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