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Video: How to Drape Parallel Darts

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Video Length: 4:29
Produced by: Mather Dolph and Carol Fresia, Videographers: Gary Junken and Mather Dolph

Divide the Dart

When fitting a full bust, consider adding two or more parallel side bust darts. Multiple darts spread the dart shaping over a larger area, which is helpful on a rounded bust shape. Several smaller darts also reduce the chance that a "bubble" of fabric will form at the dart point.

Fit a garment on the body to customize the multiple darts. Pinning in multiple darts on the figure enables you to accurately place the shaping where the bust calls for it, by using more dart take-up on the upper or lower dart.

This technique is demonstrated by Sarah Velben in this video excerpt from her DVD Create a Master Bodice Pattern (The Taunton Press, 2015.)

divide bust darts


A single straight side dart isn't always the best tool for fitting a full bust. Consider dividing the dart take-up for a smoother contour.




















Illustration: Bonnie Veblen



Comments (2)

FransUniqueTreasures FransUniqueTreasures writes: Why can't I watch the video?
Posted: 3:28 pm on November 20th

Lesley12 Lesley12 writes: Really enjoyed this video/instructions. I have a larger bust and find the single dart not always flattering - will be trying this soon
Thank you for the information.
Posted: 6:46 am on September 7th

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