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Luxe Hangers

Sumptuous, padded hangers can be made from bits and pieces of your best fabrics.
Sumptuous, padded hangers can be made from bits and pieces of your best fabrics.

Sumptuous, padded hangers can be made from bits and pieces of your best fabrics.

by Anna Mazur
excerpted from Sew Stylish: Gifts to Make, pp. 19-20

Sumptuous padded hangers are saved, hoarded, and given the best spot in any closet; however, very few individuals splurge on them for their own wardrobe. This sounds like a job for the SewStylish seamster! Making hangers from bits and pieces of your best fabrics is so easy that you can whip out a dozen in one lazy Saturday: one for every friend, cousin, and coworker. Present them tied with a coordinating ribbon, and they'll feel pampered for sure.

Custom padded hangers
Treat a friend to a custom padded hanger— or seven.

You can make gorgeous dress hangers from virtually any leftover garment or home-decorating fabric— as long as it isn't too stiff to gather onto the ready-made base. Dupioni, velvet, and even soft suede work well. For the more tailored striped coat hanger above, fabric with a bit of stretch is slightly easier to use than unyielding woven fabric that may require a few"fittings" to get a taut, smooth surface.

A fancy dress hanger
This fancy hanger's base is a ready-made, padded dress hanger. To make the cover, you slip two tubes of fabric over the ends of the hanger, and then slipstitch them together at the hook.

Fancy dress hangers
TIP: Sew a button at each end to prevent strappy dresses and lingerie from slipping off.

STEP 1: Measure
Measure the padded hanger's depth and width. Sew two fabric tubes to fit (one for each side). Sew across one short end of each, trim, and then turn.

Cut the fabric tubes longer and shirr, if desired.

Slip on the tubes

STEP 2: Slip on the tubes
With the seams of the tubes aligned at the bottom of the hanger, slip them over the hanger ends. Turn under the raw edges at the hook, and slipstitch them together. Tie a coordinating ribbon on the hook.

Cool Tip: Spin the seam.
In all of the hangers above, the seam is centered along the bottom of the hanger. For more visual interest, you could spiral the seam around the hanger.

What you'll need

• Scissors
• Hand needle and thread
• Sewing machine
• Padded dress hange
• 1/4 yard fabric
• Ribbon

Anna Mazur is a contributing editor.

Photos: Scott Phillips, stylist: Jessica Saal; illustration: Bob LaPointe


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