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Simplicity Veil with Lace Detailing

Simplicity Style Veil
Lace Edge and Applique Accents
Simplicity Style Veil

Simplicity Style Veil


This bride's gown came with a matching shawl that she did not want to wear. She preferred, instead, to utilize the lace shawl to embellish her wedding veil. She selected the Simplicity style veil which is a non-gathered drop veil. A large hatpin affixes the veil to the bride's hair on top of her head and allows the blusher to be folded back to form a 2-tier veil.Her shawl had a scalloped lace edging stitched around the outer edge of an allover lace. I carefully removed the edging from the shawl and then cut out several of the larger floral lace designs to create appliques. Once I received the shawl, I knew that there would not be enough of the lace edging to completely edge the veil but the bride wanted to maintain the fingertip length veil with a waist length blusher. So, rather than shorten the veil, I filled in with a machine-embroidered scallop across the front edge of the veil blending it in where it met the lace. The lace edging was machine-stitched to the outer edge of the veil.I then placed the appliques in varying sizes along the lower back edge only and hand stitched those to the veil. The bride loved her veil and it matched her gown perfectly!Making this veil was fun! To see more of my designs, visit

Pattern or design used: My own design -

Comments (2)

joans43 joans43 writes:
It is wonderful to see a resurection of the frills & lace

of days gone by, in women's dresses. Indeed, it's great to

see girls even wearing dresses!!! Shoes are enjoying a

more feminine style, too.

Posted: 7:19 pm on February 12th

traceylyn traceylyn writes: I love this creation. Especially that you have recycled the jacket that was not agreeable. Very nice. Most veiling is not creative. Gathered tule is ugly and phony looking. I would like to have seen the gown.
Posted: 8:02 am on August 17th

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