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Video: Sew a Single-Welt Pocket

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Video Length: 3:50
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez and Carol Fresia; Videographer: Jeff Roos

Easy Sewing Method: Single-Welt Pocket

In this video, Threads Senior Technical Editor Carol J. Fresia demonstrates how to sew a single-welt pocket using designer Terry Fox's technique. As seen in issue no. 188, Terry's intuitive and accurate method makes this pocket a breeze to sew.

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Comments (5)

Dominikafanya Dominikafanya writes: What a great tutorial. I love it!!
Posted: 1:08 am on May 25th

FirstSnow FirstSnow writes: Nicely done tutorial. I look forward to trying this method.
Posted: 4:09 pm on January 6th

Sophia_M Sophia_M writes: I have made many single-welt pockets and I anm not quite content with this pocket and the way of explaining.
This cannot not be done without any pressing.
Costumemedic is right. The triangles should be caught when seaming lining, which is not shown.
The inside of the welt should be a bit narrower/shorter than the outside, so that it don't show at the edges.
I would prefer to attach the edges invisible by hand
Posted: 9:13 am on November 10th

CaroLeeWI CaroLeeWI writes: Years ago, I learned this technique from Judy Barlup while she was teaching at an expo in Fennimore, WI. I became "addicted" to welt pockets and put several in each garment that I made. It is so worth learning and once you "have it", you will probably be addicted too.
Posted: 2:22 pm on November 8th

costumemedic costumemedic writes: I have been making this single-welt pocket for decades. I agree with everything presented in the video EXCEPT for the statement that edge-stitching the welt will catch the small triangles of fabric produced when the opening was cut. This cannot happen as the triangles are past the edge of the welt. The triangles can and SHOULD be caught when the pocket lining is stitched.
Posted: 1:44 pm on November 8th

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