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Poison Ivy

This is the costume I made for myself for Halloween and future Cosplays. This is Poison Ivy from DC Comics. This character is a strong independent women, who takes what she wants without question. She is sexy, sophisticated, and the pure definition of WOMAN! Through this costume I can embody those qualities and took over 20 hours to make. I have made this through a green body suit, cut off the arma, and an underbust corset. Bought many vines and removed the leaves. Sewed the leavea onto the corset, then glued followed by sewing leaves onto the rest of the body suit. For any remaining vines I glued extra leaves on for colour and wrapped green plant wire around the stem to create arm bands! Follow that with green make-up, green tights, a long red wig and Poison Ivy was born!

Pattern or design used: My own design

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