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Video: Finish a Lapped Zipper at the Neckline

As with any detail, beautifully inserted zippers rely on precision sewing. Follow along in this video from Industry Insider Techniques Vol. 7 as Louise Cutting demonstrates her method for adding a lapped zipper to the neckline.

In Volume 7 of this series, Louise Cutting shares years of expert experience. It's amazing how much you'll learn as this gifted instructor demonstrates professional techniques, such as fine hand stitching and flawless miters. This level of workmanship is second nature to pros, and now you'll see how they contribute to the quality of the garments you are making – and how to do them yourself.

Become an Insider today to get access to this 15-part series. You'll learn how to match stripes, prints, and plaids, reinforce underarm seams, sew a smooth neckline zipper finish, and many more expert techniques.

Watch more videos from this series here, or purchase the complete DVD from our store.


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