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Ironing Board Covers

Easy-peasy ironing board covers
Easy-peasy ironing board covers

Easy-peasy ironing board covers

Photo: Photo by author

Heavier weight high weave cotton  ~ 2 yards

Cotton batting – 2 layers (if not using previous padding from old cover) 

Craft cord or 1/4" elastic

Cord stopper 

Wide bias tape

I need a good ironing board cover for household use (as I still iron stuff!) as well as for sewing projects. After having purchased an ironing board cover that just didn't seem to be strong enough, I looked up how to sew an ironing board cover on YouTube & took some ideas and improvised. I bound the regular size ironing board fabric with wide bias tape and then threaded elastic through it and found that although it gave a tighter grip it was hard on the hands to pull it through at several stages. For the smaller ironing board, I serged it first then turned over a hem of ~ 1/2 inch and threaded craft cord through a buttonhole stitch I made in the seam at the end of the cover, i.e., on the right hand side so that the cord doesn't get in the way of your ironing. That was much easier to pull through. One additional hint - let the fabric and cords or elastic settle in for a few days then tighten it all up a little more. You will have a really taut ironing board cover that you can enjoy and it beats heck out of a commercial ironing board cover as this will take the wear. You can retain the linings of previous covers or add new cotton batting for padding - whatever your preference. 

Pattern or design used: My own design

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