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Love and hate

Variety of looks
Hooded dress
Back drape option
Stole option
Variety of looks

Variety of looks

This was a HUGE challenge. I hated working with sheer fabric, and even though I should have only just fitted into the size 12 that I cut, it ended up being MASSIVE on me (and fitting, with this fabric, and the particular somewhat peculiar design was a nightmare).

I am in love with the outcome though and will definitely do it again in a less migraine inducing fabric (even if it means I lose some of the drape).

Made it self lined and without drawstring and toggle. Fudged it all over in various other places when either my cutting / fitting / sewing must have been off. I top stitched the lining into place around the armholes and back opening. I hand stitched the hem and hand stitched the cowl into the lining. I also did an exposed zip as it nearly finished me off trying to get the invizible zip I had to be actually invisible. Maybe I should try doing an invisible zip in normal fabric first and not this horrow!

The fabric is actually the reverse of the real fabric! The real side is gold but I prefered this peach hue of the 'wrong' side so made it the right side. I am not even sure what the fabric is (it's very drapy, not crepe – more like a kind of extra drapy satin or something).

Love the outcome just hated the process. Vogue V1531

Pattern or design used: MISSES' COWL-NECK, OPEN-BACK DRESS

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