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Blue Formal Gown

I made a gown for New Year's Eve. I started with my Burda pattern and added a slit and took off the train for dancing. I also added a sheer, removable, floor-length "cape/train".  I lined the dress in silver, but my favorite was making all the embellishments! I made the flowers (which involved an open flame!), used my Bedazzler (since sparkle is my favorite color) and really enjoyed placing all my elements.

My main issue was a screw-up in the length. I made my muslin and after some adjustments, it fit beautifully. So I cut my fashion fabric. I'm not sure what I did, but I cut it about 8 inches too short!!!! I did not realize this until I sewed the dress and tried it on. GASP! What do I do! I bought the fabric long before and was unable to get more. So I added a seam. I hate that seam, but did not have another option at the time that I could think of.

Pattern or design used: Burda S0166

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