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Maxi dressing for spring and summer!

By Coco of Cocos Loft!
By Coco of Cocos Loft!

By Coco of Coco's Loft!

For me, spring is floaty, breezy dresses, like this maxi sewn in rayon challis from Caravel Fabrics by Samsung. The print is called 'Gypsy Circles', so a little swish is absolutely necessary! 


This is easy dressing, no zippers, buttons, or snaps. The pattern, the Diane Kimono Dress, is from Kay Whitt, one of my favorite designers for skirt and dress patterns. Her use of colors and prints, and love for quilting cottons, is so refreshing. I've made 5 versions in cotton, and now I've added challis to the mix - it feels wonderful! 

Pattern or design used: Serendipity Studio Diane Kimono Dress

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